Some people have no work to do

They sit back and analyze

What others could be thinking

Or what they would do

What a waste of life and time

For none have powers to define

If we introspect our emotions

By morning they are different

And towards the closing day they aren't the same

When we can't analyze our own thoughts

How then can we try to read what others feel

So its a big waste of our precious time

Which could be invested in better pursuits

Giving us ample time to build our very ownself

And move ahead on the paths of glorious success


Only Allah has the ability to read people's heart and mind

He for sure knows what human beings need in time

Only God can provide for us emotionally and physically

What He blesses us with is of course for our very own good

What God removes from our life has divine plan and reasons


Not all of us are the same

Some are triggered emotionally

Some spiritually.

A person who isn't spiritual

Can never understand what is emotionally being spiritual

And a lot of variety can be seen in human minds

And so also on the same person at different times

Only Allah is capable enough to do this understanding

For us humans have limited powers to govern even our very own selves


So I waste not my time and energy thinking what others think

And with time I have even stopped wondering why things happened as they did

Not all answers we seek serves us any purpose to keep

So here I am blessed with the highest level of emotional intelligence to keep

Which helps me stay strong in the wildest storms of my life

Without wondering what's the purpose of a certain strife

Do good, worship the almighty and stay positively strong

Wisdom and intelligence are lovely blessings from Lord of heaven

So keep on living your beautiful life as it is coming

It sure has a divine purpose, so fulfilling


It doesn't matter whether we make any sense to any other

What matters is we live each day with Happiness, contentment and peace

Praising The Lord of Heavens each day and each night we live

For this is all within our means to achieve 

Rest all the blessings follows us accordingly




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