Passion, Warmth, Peace, Desire

Who knew such words could mean alot.

Yet, the mere thought of it, keeps me up at night.

Lately, I can't help the thoughts that clouds my mind; 

'Of us enjoying the beautiful stars 

While I enjoy the sweet sound of your voice like velvet mixed with honey.

Or the sturdy outline of your neck,

I can't help but want to trail kisses on it.

Just the ...

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This world they say is cruel

This world they tell you people lie

But i prefer to have a taste myself 

This world, they tell you love is beautiful 

Dont i know it; that is all i long for

But i know better.

Everytime i let you in

Everytime, you showed me that the world was right

But i cant control my heart

For Everytime i let you go

A piece of me cracks

Now, everythi...

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6 Words of Christmas

T'is a season to be jolly

Dont need a reason to be holy 

Greatful for my shortcomings 

I know greater things are coming

All glory to the holy one 

As we celebrate him as a family

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#Christmas Poems

The Travelers

Two Strangers, unwavering thoughts, yearning hearts, words unspoken 
A desire yet to be fulfilled, a companion found

Two bonding hearts, a doubtful one, an exposed one, both needing validation
A pair of searching souls with common goals.

Show me the way to excite your heart,
How can I miss what is not mine?

How can I make your heart long for me?
My heart is weary but it is aware of yo...

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Here lies pictures of us packed with emotions;

Laughter, merriment, love and oneness

But take a closer look then you'd see the crack.

How can it be heavenly when all I feel is this tightness in my heart when i glance through?

I see all the mistakes made, secrets kept, painful musing,

I get nostalgic all over again, should I keep on loathing?

Or remain in this happy place?


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At 4am , here I sit wondering what should I write,

I have alot within me to let out

Yet here I am .

My heart wants to explore the new,

My soul wants to embrace the heat,

A sweet reality that I can feel.

A heart once sheltered

From the misery of the world

Now all I crave is the thrill.

There's a fire within, waiting to run free

Seeking to cause harm,

But a little sc...

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If Only

If only our lives were a movie?

If only we got what we wanted

If only we didnt have to think about our 'stances

If only spontaneity was our reality

Then life would be easy

Then again, who says our life is not a movie?

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To The Man Up the Hill

A heart full of hurt, wanting to unleash pain 

A heart not strong enough to endure all

But I find solace in our times together

I give that which I can't get, I have what I can't give,

Our moments gives me nothing but peace

Did you regret it?

A knowable answer 

Was it worth it?

A question never asked

But I find hope in my love.

I know nothing will change


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It's a new season love

Time to evolve again

Time to set out; create new memories

Theres a universe out there waiting for you

If only you could see yourself from before

Then you'd know nothing can stop you

The sun moon and stars bow for you to bloom

You've come too far to back down

Too strong to drown 

Shine on...Shine on... young love


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The Plan

I had a plan to a great story

Not perfect but a happy one

Now I find myself in this smelling, dark situation 

But i hope one day you realise that it was never my intention 

I was left alone to face a cross road or to turn back

But I chose a difficult path

I know there's no redemption for me but I can only hope for one

The plan was supposed to be beautifull

But I hope one da...

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forgivenessbetter futuredifficultylife choices


Beautiful but rare

Every colour with a story

Longing for care​​​​​​​

With shield to protect itself​​​​​​​

Plucked by many

But valued by few.


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Lately I feel like am not the only thing you want
You say you love me, but I know we just buying time
Tell me the truth, do you still have that beautiful dream that you are mine
I know sometimes i be tripping but you say (hey I only gat eyes for you)
Then why do I feel like I'm walking on Ice
You know I'm not that kind of girl to catch a feeling...
I wounder if you even try to know me

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My Demons

Every night when I close my eyes, memories from a thousand years comes back alive and shadow becomes me.

Most times I can taste my soul; its not a picture of a happy ending, it's bittersweet.

I feel them every night as they come alive, ready to prey on the little sanity I have left, then I think of nothing but white walls and oceans, praying not to get lost in its calmness.

In this calmne...

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Beneath The Surface

Sometimes, we love what we see

Forgetting that there's a different view beneath the sea..

We try to make sense of superficial things, when being real demands no explanation

We live in a world where we rather chase smoke that feel the fire...

We love the feeling of being safe in our own little world, and forget that sometimes we just need to let go

Let go and let the fire consume us


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While I slept I saw you fall

All I could think about is why it happened

Nothing can separate our love

We are one soul; we are blood

While I slept my eyes became open

Oh! it was just a dream

A dream it will ever be

There's a light in you and it's still shining bright

We have a journey that's still far

Together we shall complete it


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'There's a miracle

I can feel it

Don't need to see it

All I have to do is believe'

There is a living God, his love is forever

I am breathing, that's enough proof

Yes! There's a miracle

All can be seen by faith

Do you believe?

We all believe in something, 

Are you doubting yourself?

You are proof enough

You are a miracle

Believe in something, anything

Let y...

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The Art Of Loneliness

I Never said I was sad

Am just trying to be real

This reality is nothing mundane

I hide my problems well

What I feel is better than what have had

They say loneliness is pain

I say loneliness comes from being alone

After all it can be comforting

My reality is unhealthy but soft

Your reality is dramatic and boxed

I prefer a state of non-existence with lemon than constru...

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Eyes Wide Shut

There's a miracle

I can feel it

Don't need to see it

All I have to do is believe

There's a living GOD

His love is forever

I am breathing, that's proof enough

Yes! There's a miracle 

All can be seen by faith

Do you believe?

We all believe in something

Are you doubting yourself?

Believe! You are proof enough 

Believe in something, anything 

Let your blind ey...

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believeblind eyesfaithMiracle


The world hold many mysteries, ful of different meanings

Life is like a flower be holding many secret yearning to reveal.

What you see is what you get, it's growth depends on how you feed it.

The spring of  beautiful petals is a result of nurturing, the weariness of others is as a result of neglect.

All flower tell a different tale

There's no flower without a few thorns along its ro...

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Flowerlifeliving right

Our Dead Behind Us

As many come so as many go.

We fear the one thing that gives us eternal life,

We cry because we feel the loss and forget they are watching us.

The Almighty Said "Leave the dead to bury themselves while the living praise the Lord".

How do we leave our dead behind?

The dead were once loved; the dead was once family,

By dust we came and by dust we go.

The empty feeling we get whe...

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There are no words to describe the gravity of  your love, it is refreshing like the air which I breath.

Come into my life,  Oh my love!                               Your kindness is a gift that bears sweet fruits   There's nothing more Compromising than your heart                                                                           There's nothing worth loving than you, in you I see the e...

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Never have I  not ponder over you, but seeing you everyday is like a fresh air.Never have I seen the the innermost part of that deep sea which you always carry but I have hope.

Never have I not wished for us but fate is like a game between two players seking a goal. Everyday I feel these monsters with me but my thoughts keep on searching for a new light.

Never have you wished for me again, n...

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