Flowers-Symbol of beauty

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Flowers-Symbol of beauty

Wednesday,7thApril 2021


I am beauty admirer

real follower

and lover

I am a firm believer too


your delicacy

reminds of an almighty

who stands above

but presence makes me believe


my nostrils are filled

with fragrance and leads me

follow with divine feelings

and force me to think as a human being


the gentle air reminds

and makes me find

the true essence of your presence

and true natural chance


had you not been in our company!

we should have been weary

with no regard for love and kindness

the smile on the face might have been deserted


We never intend to crush

and rush

for your violation

we feel very much close relation


the beauty is to see

and feel free

under the magic spell

and feel so good and fresh


Dr Hasmukh Mehta


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