Teeter Totter


Balancing your life
is not easy
sometimes you can tip
too far over
and fall down
balance is important
but it is not an easy thing to do
you have to know when
you reach a tipping point
when you feel like
you are going over the edge
make a quick correction
and come back
life is a teeter totter
meet in the middle
become the fulcrum.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 24th Apr 2021 16:23

Balance? Now that's a word that means much in life yet has somehow been put to the back of many minds in an age in
which egregious extremes obtain too much attention - often of the
less productive positive sort.
Good sense is found in these lines..

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New Shoes

Sat 24th Apr 2021 05:09

To be the fulcrum is to carry the load of others. That's a lot of weight on a singular point. know doubt that the shifting pressure can bare stressful loads and ware upon the pivotal point. If understanding our position, in the gravity of the situation and remove just that, the gravity, we would be out of this world. That would be totally righteous!!!


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