Signs Of Life


With the winter freeze

the snow storm that lasted forever

temperatures in single digits

plants and trees were covered for days

buried under snow and ice

all die a bitter death

overcome by the cold


leaves turned brown and brittle

they had given up the ghost

like skeletons they stood

stark symbols of death

we assumed they were all but gone

yet when the weather warms

a miracle occurs


they slowly come back to life

little green leaves emerge

buds push open

slowly slowly they struggle back

returning from the dead

in what was thought impossible


the plants and trees were wise

waiting and waiting

reluctant to take a chance

until the timing was right

the ground warmed up

and they were sure

there would be no more freeze


now here they grow again



victoriously sprung forth

in glorious rebirth


showing us their courage and

once again the joy of life.


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keith jeffries

Tue 6th Apr 2021 13:58

This is an interesting and significant poem as it has a parallel meaning. As it describes the arrival of Spring there are parts which clearly speak of resurrection. The last two lines of the third stanza stand out in this respect as do stanzas five and six. Theologically the seasons have often been seen as a life cycle and this poem endorses that.

A very good poem
Thank you for this


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