Life ahead

As Shakespeare defined

Human life into seven stages

Corresponding to scientific sense

Life as physically seen

For many of us

It's these seven stages


But for a believer

Each breath is a different stage

Few days you go ahead

And you might retreat on others

It's the faith that fluctuates

And it's all a common trait

For we aren't angels to state


So as a believer

I rise and shine

I fall and dull

But it's all very natural

Cos I'm a human

Not an angel


We have just one life to live

I wish to live it within permissible means

Not according to social norms

But according to rights I was born

And according to God's commandments to keep


In one life I wish to live my all

Some years as a student

Some years as a teacher

Then a preacher

Then a romantic crazy lover

Although this stage I wish to carry forever

But I wish to be a radio jockey

A social activist

May be a local nurse

And a driver driving uphill

One life and so many things to do

Exploring all avenues

Giving my very best to all pursuits

Doing a job that enriches

Entices my soul as I live

So for now I wish to prolong the stage of a lover

And let Allah decide the rest to come

For I know for sure

What Allah blesses me with

Is always the best of His blessings


Countryside is  a good place to be

Away from the humdrum of city life

Peace, quite, nature walks, cycling and exercising

Meditation and yogic training, horse riding and swimming

In the evening on the hammocks welcoming the night ahead

Bonfire nights, sweet songs and deep dark starry skies

Drizzles and rain, snow and sleet, fog and mist

Just letting our souls twist and mix

Becoming one with nature

To prepare ourselves for bigger explorations

After this stage

I don't know what I would be

But surely I won't stick to one thing

And I would explore, discover and rise higher slowly But fast

There's one life and I wish to live my very all

◄ Crishma

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