Dote on Drops


​​​​​​​​​​​"falls and perch within me

​​brings joy inexorable as death

Selfish I, don't want this to end 

​​​​grief from beyond it portends"







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Lost fugitive

Abscond the scene 

came out immaculate  & clean

frozen determination begins to melt

open road is all that left

Desultory escape for what sake

inexorable prison in every step I take

no destiny is penned for me,

only telling ordeals to the lake.

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Pulling me in, keeping me up

tempestuous silent cry 

In Ambush dark cup 

eyes more prone to light

endeavoring prison break

debacle serves me right

what I seek now

bars right before my eyes. 




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DARK is an ART

Darkness leads us to a beacon,

it must descend on us

makes visualization clear,

helps us reflect within us. 

shatter things always glitter 

when gloom falls upon

wondering why great poets

always lost and forlorn. 


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Wish me goodnight

 Bequeath me the sleep

I never want to wake up from, 

Always in a great slumber

Yet can't sleep 

In the night, till the morn 

Drunk me with cordial

 Burn me till I sleep

Decor the skin  in white 

Conceal the truth, 

& Wish me good night. 




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I'll make you tea 

as you always said 

stay away from rain 

don't get wet 

shout on us when we play

ate ​​​​​sand with gay 

slattern, we were 

you bathe us till the next day 

your smile when we back from school

you exclude us amid those fools

take away all our worries 

let us play with tools 

when we grew up 

we made you dishes 

you always said you like th...

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Living in coffin

You were buried under the ground,

But watching us above the clouds 

left us living a life in a coffin. 

without you with us around. 


  living yet dead inside

 like a sequin smile cried 


Must you take our souls 

​​​​​​perforate our body with holes

left our body to decay

Breathing in coffin 

in light of the day. 







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How long I live

​​​​​I am alive for years

doesn't mean I live every day 

I breathe daily 

doesn't say I am happy and gay

I eat and consume daily

doesn't mean I grow every day

I read and learn sincerely

doesn't  make me wiser clearly


I live the days when I am being me  

I grow when I am in misery 

I feel happy when I am with my family 

I learn when I encounter predicaments.


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Long is the way

"vacant existence of mine

Living in afterlife 

in dearth of you, and 

your aura so sublime."

'' I'll tread on the mark 

of  the  steps remain, 

long way to reach you 

​​​​​​without any train. ''

​​​​​​"memories with you are my dreams now

how can I celebrate mothers day"

​​​​​​I miss you 





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Heaven is evil

Heaven is evil without you,

any place you stray,

becomes  heaven itself

I remain with the scary elf.

I should be with you 

where no disease can hurt you

now, you are free

of all the medicines 

we are getting punished

for our sins,

now you're gone up in the clouds. 

your voice resonates in me out loud. 






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Nightmares turning real 🖤

Aiming for the stars

descend into the ground

others dreams are getting real

mine only nightmares. 


my cloud of galaxies is already burst,

pouring as the rain of asteroids

land teems with fissures

turning into everlasting voids.



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Bona fide

Only a night beauty

curate by concealer's duty

going to efface overnight,

in morning we'll appreciate the bonafide sight. 

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Bare in Masquerade

Found myself there again tonight 

forcing laughter and faking smiles,

sequin lips with gilding eyes

brazen look concealing pile of lies. 



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Hostile ambience

I am a crocus, how can I  bloom

when the habitat is for rose

they are busy pacing back and forth

only for me the time got froze. 


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From where I could gather courage

to halt my inner  ongoing rage

feeling of being placed somewhere odd

entreating for the inner peace my lord. 

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Exquisite branches

Blooms from the barbed branches

halt the steps of the busiest 

if you are not exquisite, 

why anyone want to smell ,

When you were born the luckiest. 

No one loiter to eulogise the branch

you grown from, does it make sense 

the beautiful dark thing curated 

only to highlight your presence. 






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Lost Crusader

Reverberating history

barbarity of ministery

where are uh - the zeal

shredding my tapestry 


discerning you, I can't

even remember- not any clue

you are lost and I was too

deserted by myself, albeit parable is true. 


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Allegory bereft of meanings

Every morning when I open my eyes,

found my paragons lie besides-

pulls me out of the misery, 

prompt me to make my own history. 

i'll have anecdotes to tell

about how I fought before I fell. 






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I'll   loving being a dough 

Process of something crunchy and rough 

not a whole damn result

even it is momentary though. 



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The rocks I tread on

intersperse as stones,

abnegating the presence, still

on abeyance, of cynical clones.


Ebb'd out from oceans

to contemplate, so bona side

beguiling it's ambience

graceful albeit languor of tides. 


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entreat immaculation for my depraved mind,

it all get rusty, used to be shiny ✨,

conflagerated inside, outlinely kind

clear my mind and light my soul wid the beacon tiny. 

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Inflorescence within barren

flowers bloom amid drought,

I evidenced it- when

that hard branch had delicate

inflorescence, before getting caught.

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Poised as placid lake

lingering fear keep still,

sleeky plumes dancing with- 

serene breeze to cure the ill. 

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Still hanging on the same branch, 

like I did years ago.

tree bereft of leaves, branches are barbed,

still holding it, until it sunders me apart. 


Too craven to enact abandonment,

or walk while holding hands,

too afraid to desert the branch

so I never did land. 

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​​​​​​Heathers above roof

metals are covering soil, 

unorthodox way of living 

bereft of proof.

Mendacity from preachers

masqueraders evincing sagacity 

intrigues the addled nature 

to tame the creatures. 


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Cordial cup of tea ☕

My cordial cup of tea keeps me warm nd alarm,

without my kin, it gets cold and mar- 

amid em no inclement can felt,

in their absence even the warmest blanket begins to melt  🍵

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Outset of the earth

If I was the first to born 

I may not no any truth,

nor any fib- even 

any sound of horn.


May not know any language 

not any nation

free of boundaries

unaware of temptations.


Transcend the oceans 

hasn't name yet

cant went astray

open road would all I get.


Death will take take me to the first day of the earth- 

I wish Rendezvous will be a great...

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Precarious self

They made templates to shape and slay

Me can't fit, cause I am not clay

Snags and troubles to fit in their world just to- 

Eulogize by them, along the scars on our hands 

The hardest part is to accept ourself as who I am 

Watching others controlling nd seizing our lands.



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Overrated pearls 🔹

whats the point to be that rare-

when uh can't be used anywhere 

but, as a sign of richness.

I'll rather wind the rusted wire around my finger,

nd watch other embroideries linger.

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Free in captivity

Too much independence bring back vulnerability,

thats how it leave me hovering amid both worlds,

secure from precariousness- I breathe freely in captivity. 

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Ending of gloomy days

spring is coming again

recurring like always

portending ending of my dark days

melting my heart with warm breeze 

frozen by the craven cold

thats when beautiful flower bloom in my heart-

And I'll go back to the start.




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Reprimand from beyond

Living death I've become

ambiguous, my existence for me-

waiting for one of you to come

dont let me hovering amid thee 


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Like a scar on the moon

Sagacity from the cynical clone

Monochromacy within rainbow

Treading along obscurity yet alone.

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Red flood

Red lakes, red lakes 

Illicit and depraved

Disappear momentarily,

Oblivious unnamed grave 

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                  Isle, I once built          

           Conflagerating while I'm in.    

             Drenching my soul with fire

               and, letting my isle sinkin 


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Beguiled and regaled

by the masquerade

reaches the dark

whence mortality parade

as followed the shimmering ray

we went astray.


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Escapism of soul

Soul became immortal,

When body shatters

Manacles of skin, are

Surmountable  matters 


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