The Lockdown Haircut Curse!


Next Monday, lots of weight I will shed.
As I'll be rid of the hair from my head!
Jimmy might charge me double I guess.
To sort out this unsightly, unruly mess!

They ought to have a support helpline.
With advice for men with hair like mine!
I feel a bit uneven, my had does wobble.
Can it cured by hairband and bobble?

It flops in the wind and it gets in my eye.
People call me a hippy and that's no lie!
So next Monday, I'll be first in the queue.
Next fella, I can see waiting an hour or 2!

Gleefully I'll take root in the barbers chair.
Looking back at me, a stranger will stare!
My DIY attempts only made things worse!
I've got the awful lockdown, haircut curse!

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