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The Duke of Edinburgh

Let us remember

His Royal Highness

An important member

Of the British Royal Family

The Queen’s husband

For seventy three years

Longer than any other history

Of the British monarchy

A multi-talented Prince

With many achievements in life

Patron of almost eight hundred firms

From environment to sports and education

Organising fundraisers for good returns

Taught ...

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A Year Has Passed

How the year has passed

Time is just going so fast

But I still feel your presence

As well as your beautiful essence


You are always on my mind

You left your belongings behind

I hug them close to my heart

As if it is you, though we are far apart


Not a single day goes by

When I look up at the sky

Praying that you are safe and well

You could read me without m...

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That was a coincidence

Eyes gazing with innocence

You sitting on the top deck

A tide sweeping over my neck


The timings were just perfect

What more did you expect?

Always tried to be nice to you

You don’t give a shit, its true


Tried reaching out to you on social media

It is not rocket science or encyclopaedia

Holding onto your gifts since November

Your arr...

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Boom Boom Boom

Hear my heart go boom boom boom

Similar to fragments of lava that fume

Spreading laughter and love with passion

And always dressing in style plus fashion


Hear my heart go boom boom boom

Just forget all the pain and gloom

Spread your wings and fly across the sky

No need to feel embarrassed or shy


Hear my heart go boom boom boom

Don’t lock yourself up in the back...

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Chloe Morgan

Chloe Morgan is her name

She does her best in every game

Speaking out without any fear

Her objectives are solidly clear


Looking to drive positive changes

Society can make progressive arranges

A world the next generation can survive in

Regardless of their religion, sexuality or skin


Morgan is one in a million

Or shall I say one in a billion

Always working aro...

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Being arrogant is the worst behaviour

It is not an ideal quality for saviour

Thinking you are always right and the best

Maybe it is time to take a real test


Why behave unpleasantly towards others?

Trying to shove people under covers

It is a sign of losing contact with the reality

Because you seem to be living in your own fantasy


Having a foolish pride and feeling ...

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Shocking surprises life can bring

Without giving a chance to sing

Some good ones and some sad

Making you happy or really mad


Some people may come and go

Similar to the stream of river flow

You continue searching for them

Only if they were a priceless gem


Anything can happen at anytime

But sometimes it feels like a crime

When you don’t know what is coming


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Act Of Kindness

Be kind to everyone around you

Avoiding hatred and making lives blue

It will make you feel so much better

Feeding the poor or writing someone an encouraging letter


There are so many ways to spread love

Through a bunch of flowers or gifting someone with warm gloves

Leave an impression that would make people happy

Not one that would make people fee...

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Spreading Joy

Spreading joy and giving love

I am that beautiful dove

Giving everyone a piece

Without any contract or lease


Spending time with everyone

Just want to have good fun

Without any stress, hassle or fear

Always be happy and cheer


Being frisky regardless of the situation

Spreading peace across the nation

Helping those that are genuinely in need

Donating money f...

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Love Yourself

Love yourself more than anything

Because you know the notes to sing

Treat yourself with spoils or a special treat

Flutes play calm music with vanilla apple heat


Take time out and do the little things you love

Watching the hills below and the skies from above

Whether it is bathing, yoga, movies or reading

Your inner soul needs good care and feeding


Even ten minutes...

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Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Our idol for motivation

Providing all souls cure

With great goals and action


Second lieutenant in the British Army

Raising money for NHS Charities Together

The end of the line of a final journey

Never left the world to shriek or wither


Knighted by the Queen at Windsor Castle

What great achievements to treasure

Always passionate to fight...

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What Shall I Write About?

Always thinking of new topics

With hands in my warm pockets

Sometimes it can be very easy

Making me feel so blithe and breezy


But some days, it can be hard

Feeling like the brain is barred

Don’t want to bore my lovely fans

Drawing out various ideas and plans


There is so much to write about

But I continue smiling inside out

Making my pieces short and unique


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Eyes Do The Talking

Eyes do all the talking

Whether sleeping or walking

Great feelings it can express

No need to verbally confess


Can be serious or naughty

Eyes are that part of body

Maybe humble or haughty

No two pairs can copy


Eyes have a strong power

To please you like a flower

Bringing out the inner soul

Some of which you can’t control


Eyes can easily be read


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Let It Snow

Just let it snow

And the wind blow

The beauty of white

With a snowball fight


Brushing against my face

Do not wish to erase

Feels calm and relaxing

Since life can be taxing


The trees covered in snowflakes

Similar to white icing on cakes

Glowing in the cloudy sky

A beautiful shade in my eye


Children playing with joy

Including my cute little boy


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Cheer Up

You will feel better

Like salt and pepper

I will make you laugh

As well as your staff


Dressing like a clown

To get rid of your frown

Bouncing up and down

Through the entire town


Having an exciting pillow fight

In the darkness of the night

Forget your tension and worries

And just stay free of the hurries


Life is too short to be sad

Ignore those ...

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The Storm

Oh dear, what a storm

Though indoors, wrapped up warm

Very strong winds and heavy rain

Causing severe disturbance and pain


The trees are moving side to side

Similar to changing patterns of a tide

Thunder and lightning also striking in

Observing it with joy and a cheeky grin


The violent outbreak heard in every room

Feels like the midst of cheerless gloom

Not ...

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Put Your Hands Up

Just put your hands up

Like free-flowing tea in a cup

All blissful and careless

And being very zealous


Walk through without worries

Imagine a land of kebab and curries

Blending your inner soul with joy

Similar to a child delving in their toy


Enjoy every second of breath

Live it up fully before death

Do all the things that bring satisfaction

Especially tho...

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Enjoying Life

Always loved my freedom

Whatever the month or season

Sharing myself with everyone

Having full on pleasure and fun


Giving and receiving love

On cloud nine, so high above

Always being the popular one

Similar to the yellow flashing sun


My presence is never forgotten

In every person’s heart like cotton

Giving attention and spreading joy

Somewhat all souls wis...

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Full Lockdown Again

Here comes the full lockdown yet again

How much more is Covid going to cause pain?

Taking away so many innocent lives

It is worse than the sharp kitchen knives


Many people feeling depressed and isolated

What an awful scenario Covid has created

Not able to do the things that we all enjoy

We must abide by the governments’ deploy


Stay at home and protect each other


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Be Yourself

It is always best to be yourself

Even if things are falling off the shelf

There is no need to hide your character

Or act similar to a big end barrister


Be happy with who you are

Because you are a beautiful shining star

Don’t change yourself for anybody

Whether you are tall, average or tubby


People will love you for your honesty

And being confident with some mod...

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The New Year

The New Year is finally here

A new beginning with some cheer

Happiness may be down the road

Hang in there, it will gradually unfold


Stay positive and keep that smile

Some things can just take a while

Amazing surprises and SMART goals

All of which will touch our souls


So much to look forward to

Keep that spirit, it will come true

We are all in this battle tog...

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