The Pouring Rain

The pouring rain

Erasing the pain

Windows soaking wet

Similar to the Summer sweat

Wiping away all the dirt

From which the trees and grass are hurt

A perfect shower for the road

Vehicles have literally slowed

All cosy and gazing outside

Watching the rain as my guide

A great way to release your soul

Before I get up and go for a stroll!

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The month of Ramadan is approaching

Our brain could do with a little coaching

Praying and fasting, pleasing the lord

Doing our best to obtain the maximum reward

Samosas and dates on one plate

The call to prayer is on the wait

Feeding the poor and giving to charity

Having a soul full of peace and purity!

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Let your inner flames burst

Show the world your hunger and thirst

For the passions you have hidden

Let it release from your mind’s prison

No need to be shy or step back

Keep moving forward because you are on the right track

Forget your past and let your mistakes stay behind

Dive into the beautiful world and see what you can find

Life is too short to just sit back and relax


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Back To Writing

Took a break

Sat near the lake

Exploring the beauty

As part of my duty

No pens and papers

Or cans and vapours

Including tablets and phones

Kept away from my bones

Just the peaceful nature

Making plans for the future

Without any interference

There was so much clearance

Feeling great and charged

With a mind that is enlarged

Let’s get back to writing

And s...

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