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Whatever You Do

If you don't like it how it is
Stop complaining.

Stop praying, start living
Stop hoarding, start giving
Stop wanting, start enjoying
Stop waiting, start playing
Stop asking, start finding
Start hoping, stop minding

Stop whatever you are doing
Start changing

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changecharityhappinesshopemeditationpositivityshort poem

Nature's Hug


Humming along with the breeze
La la-la-la
Singing a song with the birds in the trees
Oh Oh-Oh-Oh
Floating along with the clouds
Ahh Ah-Ah-Ah
Feeling peaceful now.

Oooo Ooo-Ooo-Ooo
Seeing the beautiful sky
Tra la-la-la
Watching the birds as they fly by

Happiness is as easy as this
Nature’s hug, Nature’s kiss.
All, all of life, as easy as this.

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happinessmeditationnaturepeaceSEND parentsong

Make A Space In Your Heart

Part One
        Though your day is full
        There’s so much to do
        It’s a busy life
        So hard being You

        Make a space in your heart
        Open out your mind
        Take a moment apart
        To see what you’ll find

Part Two
        Because the world – has so many places
        And in this world – there are so many faces
        Waiting for a smile

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Careless Breeze

I stood beneath a whispering tree
Upon a windy day
Singing into the careless breeze
My cares they blew away.
Then finally I clearly heard
What nature did avow
And I could see the sun at last
Beyond the leafy boughs.

Yes, finally I clearly hear
What nature does avow
And I can see the sun at last
Beyond the leafy boughs.

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depressionhopemeditationnatureperspectiverecoveryserenityshort poem

Centre Of The Universe

Don't we all see our speciality
as the central truth?
My sister, the mathematician, thinks the world
is ruled by numbers
and defined by them.
She would say that without maths
the world is nothing
then start to prove it.

The medic or the tailor
the banker or the lawyer
the chef or farmer
the centre of the universe,
but most of all
I think
the poet.

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meditationperspectivepoems about poetryself-importanceshort poemuniverse

Surrounded By Love

As the years go on, and the beauty fades
They are arm in arm, like nothing has changed
And as he hovers close, I can hear what she says
She says - just as sweetly as the very first day...
 "Paint me with your love 
  make me shiny and new
  give me all your colours
  it's what I dream of
  I'll be painted, sated
  in layers of love."

And as he hears her words, I can see he smiles

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Just For A Moment

Just for a moment think.
Just for a moment dream.
What if this world were different,
If it isn’t as it seems?

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dreamsmagical momentsmeditationperceptionrealityshort poemthink!

We Are All Of Us

We are all of us children
grown up and making our own
way in the world
still children
for all of that.

We are all of us dreamers
woken up to our own
still dreaming
for all of that.

We are all of us lovers
in love with making our own
love love
still loving
for all of that.

We are all of us seekers
stretching up to find our own
place in this world
still seeking
for a...

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all that I amdreamsgrowthhumanitylovemeditationpath of lifeunited

What I Am Today

It took me so many years to find myself, and I got lost along the way,
And now I don't know where I am or where I'm going,
But at least I know it doesn't matter.
So yes I'm wandering round this pointless universe,
But I'll just be myself,
Wherever, Whatever.
And if I'm changing every moment into something else
Who even cares what I am today?
It took me all these years to find my...

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all that I amdriftingjoylostmeditationpath of lifeself-discoverysmileuniverse

Poetry As A Means Of Meditation

You'd be surprised how rarely we think
About what we want to say.

This world barely gives the time
To do more than think
We are thinking, 

Not the everyday chatter,
Though even that sometimes slips out

It is our inner message to the world,
Our message to ourselves
That we neglect.

Whereas, a blank page challenges the poet
To do more than merely spill the sou...

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meditationmessagepoems about poetrypurposethink!

I Am A Phoenix (Welcome The Phoenix)

I've been burned
And risen again
Proud of my new coat
Of feathers
I've been burned again
And risen
Proud of my new coat of feathers
And unafraid of fire.

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couragedepressionhopeinner strengthmeditationphoenixrecoveryrenewalresilienceshort poem

Music To Live By

In films
they always have music
for all their moments.
I've wished I could.

If I had
my own song playing,
my own vibrant tune 
to live by,
I could dance
through life.

In films
you always know
the dramatic moments;
programs us to think
our own lives are empty,
or that we cannot dance
without a tune.

When the truth is
that we are full
with the power to create;
our own rhyth...

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dancemeditationmusicpath of liferhythmsongtruth

A Way Of Living

The trick of the phoenix
Is that he didn't burn.
He flew away while your eyes
Were blinded by the fire,
And back again while smoke
Obscured your vision,
Leaving you searching for explanation
Amongst the ashes.

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meditationphoenixshort poem

Lost In Translation

From the spirit to the soul
From the soul to the heart 
From the heart to the brain 
From the brain to the throat

From the throat to the mouth
From one mouth to the next
From one language to another

Through the experiences
The perceptions
The assumptions
And the emotions of each listener

The original message
Is ever and forever
Lost in translation

And only if only

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I Am From Experience Into Expertise

I am from prose into poetry
I am from madness into sanity
I am from doubt into belief

I am from anguish into ecstasy
I am from isolation into company
I am from hatred into peace

I am from discord into harmony
I am from solo into symphony
I am from restraint into release

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all that I amgrowthmeditationpath of liferecovery

On Being A Phoenix

We die a million deaths each day.
The death of all those other ways
we could have taken.

The death of dreams each moment we
discard the possibility
we could have made them.

If we stopped breathing every time
another aspect of us died,
there'd be no breathing.

All we can do to justify
this situation, make it right,
is be a phoenix.

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choicemeditationpath of lifephoenixrebirth

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