Me, you and she

I today finally

I saw a little sun.

You get involved

in conversation with self-confidence

which subdues them

all in fear,

and she buys time.


I told you a hundred times

do not leave me among wolves.

I borrowed my eyes

from a deer.


Me, you and her,

we are parts of a complex life,

and a simple sentence

which I put together with glue,

one frame wi...

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One way

Good Friday

and a big holiday

a memory that I still miss you

in the ordinary city

a flood of thoughts

relies on me

and Moraca has three fine nuances

in me only two

hatred and love

and a thin wire between them

you brag so much

what clouds with buckets

pour rain

so as not to go one way

from love to hate.

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Don't just be a number

Don't just be a number

in the life of the one who is waiting for you.


I will be here next year too

with a new wrinkle on the forehead,

and my ordinary apples

I will paint them green

to look like yours.


Open your heart

close the door

look at me

and do not be just a number

in the life of someone who loves you

hence to heaven. 

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I will come to you unannounced

as fate

which inevitably awaits you.


I will come back to you

as an old habit

from which you are fleeing.


With a sharp sword

I will take them off

ice carvings

fused with your soul.


Your son is born

with purple thoughts

and the price of a happy day

grows extremely fast.


I will call myself

the way I want


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Dressed in colors

In this world of strangers

where neither the living live

nor does the dead rest

dress me in your own colors

I will wear a cyclamen-colored dress

and an ash-colored hat.

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Love from the movie screen

I dreamed something last night,

imagine the whole sky

gathered him in the room.

In the savings box

there were only gamble days.

I loved you and I lost you,

while kneading bread

with female tears.

If it weren't for the love of the movie screen

poetry would be alone.

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The madness of love left me

when I saw two women shot at the wall.


The definition of the existence of winter

was in the warmth of the blankets.


The huge nothing embarrassed me

who asked me for everything. 

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Peaceful sea

I want to know how he breathes

that embrace of your waves.


From wine and grain

I make a rainbow for you.


Be my calm sea

in these years

I just love you like that.

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Spare heart

Life brings melancholy

and magic chapters

which crush you like bread.


You who are a second name for modesty

find a spare heart,

and you who sleep on pillows of money,

buy a steel heart.

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Prayer for love

I know my summer

and the prayer of the villagers for rain

and the poetry that rules them

all tributaries and rivers.

I know them

daffodils in the garden

which flirt with the sun

and they change their religion every day

to be with each other.

I know her

that their prayer for love. 

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I shifted my breath

in your sigh.


That was the end of it

and the beginning of the beginning.


While I regretted my youth

my ax fell in honey.


When we met

how much love is left

in cubic meters of air?


I'm sorry I forbade you to be silent

and what of the ugly duckling

I wanted to make a swan.

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Sniper fire

I live like a fortress

like a petal in the wind

like a piece of hair between your fingers.


I was that passenger

crying on the bus

after he threw me

in sniper fire


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Someone loves the brave

someone crazy

and you adore women

who stole the gazelle step.



you who always hurt me

blindfold my eyes with a black veil

and I will see you with all my heart.

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It is good that you are not air

it's good that i'm not a toy.


I blessed the woman who gave birth to you in vain.


Thunder laughs

to hear each other

mysterious desert

in my heart.


It's bad that I was balm

it's good that i'm a nettle today

in your cruel hands.

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When love comes

all waters stop.


The heart chooses immediately

and waives the rule

"Measure three times, cut once."


My beloved,

you were scissors

in the hands of the tailor


to the canvas of destiny.

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Love and gods

We are gods

love is accidental

jewelry stores have been looted

in the shadow of a ring

we love each other non-stop.

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The source of happiness

From the trees

we did not see the forest.


From the snow

we did not see the city.


With the lever of love

two unborn children were playing.

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Until it hurts us

The grain is cold

and calls his master to gather him.


The plane tree is getting older

with shoes in the ground.


The nightingale leads to empty controversies

with clear skies.


Let's deny our love

until we get the first kiss.

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Do not wake me

Do not wake me in the middle of the most beautiful dream,
in the middle of the slight accent on your eyes,
in the middle of the heart, overwhelmed by strong emotions.
Do not wake me in the middle of the most beautiful dream,
there is no music in the world of the deaf,
there is no light in the world of the blind,
there is no freedom in the world of prisoners,
in the world of the cold there i...

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I keep sapphires for you

He was loved, but not judged
now you are just a good friend
you who awaken the spring in my thoughts
I keep sapphires for you
when the others leave
you and your warm words will remain
more valuable than gold
before I fall asleep
I send you telepathic messages
you are loved and special
for you, I keep sapphires only for you.

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Alone on the mountain

I will go to the mountain alone
to face my fears
now that I know you don't love me either
nor will I be yours
I will slap her on a drunken night
and the people in it
I will go to the mountain alone
alone in black perulin.

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I have two hands
the right is more valuable than the left.
I have several important paths in life
I will swim one
I will fly over the other
will I walk the third one on foot?
I have incense in my pocket
and two - three words
with them I will cast out the devil
not the one invented by the stories
but the one that people carry within themselves.

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spoon of good luck

I quarreled with everyone
by itself
with his good will.
I no longer build bridges between people
they will be demolished anyway
and quickly forgotten.
Step by step
meter by meter
I approach the sky,
and there a spoon of good luck awaits me.

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love asleep

You are my masterpiece,
my hot chestnut in the palms,
my problem and my passion,
reason for existence
to my every nice word,
you are in my heart,
in my yellow house
which is called home,
you are my gorgeous youth,
my love is asleep.

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I will wait

I carry silence in the buckets
I leave her in the rooms.
I will wait,
until it falls
and the last house in the village.
I will take the last stone
for inspiration.
I will wait until I rejuvenate,
until I'm a child,
until I find friends.

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The hands of my birches

I will touch you with the hands of my birches
to make a stone out of you
or a priceless trophy
or a miracle that lasts three days
the hands of my white birches will reach you
and touch will leave only a trace in the thoughts.

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Our house

I passed our house,
for two hundred people.
I knew it was empty and desolate.
The road that blindfolded
I could pass it,
it is now overgrown with grass.
I was next to our big house,
which we built with hard work and love,
i'm sure now
none of us will go back there.

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I am ...

I do not listen to anyone
I do not imagine myself in vain
I am not the center of the world
I'm not a butterfly in a frozen city
I am not a sword thrown into the desert
I am not human
I am a tear
I am quiet water
which sinks the shore.

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Sad anthem

I took the bad sight out of my eyes
and threw it in running water
from the silky shoulder I drew cursed stars
for longings to have no
sad anthem my heart sings
while standing in front of the door with questionnaires,
and inside the room
the loudest are those who are not worth it,
and I am a unit equal to zero
who wants the throne in vain
sad anthem my heart sings,
because life only some...

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You mean me

You call me on the other side,
you mean me
you give me your little finger,
and I gather dew and cobblestones,
to make a bench,
to stumble,
to catch you for a moment,
because the hope in me
dies twice a day,
and the third time he is resurrected.
You mean me
at this time and that is enough.

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Poisonous flowers

In this parallel world
you are on the page
of my enemies
and I'm a fairy
with seven spears in his back
first impression
is like a foggy morning
buried in the armpits
of these turbulent years
you approach me
with artificial smiles and red carnations
golden rain is pouring down the streets
and the sky weeps
for all unhappy loves
it's better for me
to be cold
and never again
not to t...

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Crazy rhythm

From close friends
I borrowed seven lives
I moved to another dimension
I entered your beloved house
I rested my head on my knees
and I listened to the crazy rhythm
of his own heart
which is not big
nor is it small
of the same heart
that he once loved you
I listen to both orders and wishes
to this desperate heart
and I admire
to his crazy rhythm.

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I did something selfish,
I locked you in a box,
to be just mine,
one day the leaves,
that I tread in the park,
they will start an uprising,
you will break the box,
and you will run away from me,
I will be surrounded by a sea of friends,
and yet alone.

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Eternal life

I will sleep tonight too
with memories of a good time
packed in the suitcase of the past.
Until the almonds from my eyes call to you
while we learn to live
life will pass in a desolate void.
There will be pros and cons
for all goodness, sins, mistakes,
for one skipped storm
for an eternal life.

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I called you

I called you a wild wind
and I let you play
with my feather
I called you a wild strawberry
and I wanted to taste it
your redness
I called you white narcissus
and I left you to fall in love
in itself
but you became a burglar in my dreams
thief of my desires
and a man I will follow
to the end of the world.

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The letter on the ten fingers

I only have ten fingers
and one letter, which stands
in the drawer of my life,
because I have no red love in the pink world
nor green hope in the gray everyday,
nor white light,
which will bring me to you.
I have no path, where to start
nor a place to get to.
I only have ten fingers
and a letter,
to which I return to who knows how many times,
to write, correspond and rewrite.
For you ...

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I spilled ink on your initials
that's why I blush like a poppy
I open the cages
I release the birds
I reject fears
and I deny the apologies
I lock one door
and I unlock a hundred new ones
the soul is free and confused
the days are an irrevocable burden
because of your initials
your ego
your traces in time unbridled.

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Here is my necklace for days
my world with the smell of coffee
here are the good people I love
and the malicious ones I lie to forever
here the soul enjoys
but life is elsewhere.

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Glass woman

I am a glass woman
do not pursue my hopes
you will break your arms
you will scratch the texture of my face
you will make me sad,
you will lose me forever
I am a woman of glass
with many lost battles
with deep carvings in the soul,
and love is a luxury of the present.

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Yours forever

I have chosen the most beautiful time of the year for you
I gave you the most beautiful garden
I planted you, you blossomed
the great return of old love
it was a feast for the soul
my lips are gossipy
dressed in red
every night firefly
is a torch in the eyes
the sky sent with stars
is a luxury hotel for a romantic night
if you leave before I leave
I will be the first to cry
last to fo...

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Forbidden fruit

I met you in a dream yesterday,
and he told me everything,
that I am your winter flower,
growing on asphalt,
if you love me,
your people will be angry,
if i love you
they will erase me,
all I have to do is look at you,
through the bars
on my one-way wall,
you, you are wonderful,
but you are my forbidden fruit.

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Me and my shadow

We penetrate the fate of the fabrics
the creaking of the door opens our day
with our shoes we push the gold coins in the fall
we ignore the bubbles of unrest
scattered in the air
the creaking of the door closes the day
a quiet dream awaits me on a pillow
and my shadow dies in the ashtray.

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Without you

And without you I'm beautiful
but I am still life
and without you it is good
but it is not perfect
my walk
it is now a march of austerity
and I cross the same bridges every day
if they crash on me
events and people will be mixed
and I will have no experiences
and it's hard
and I'm used to it
but it is enough
and without you I rely on goals and priorities
and I spontaneously trace my ...

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Happy as a torch

Today I am as happy as a burning torch
I made a sacrifice
I shed tears and drowned the enemies
I kept the talent in my heart
the one you can not weigh on the scales
I put my loved ones back in their place
I put a few padlocks so that no one would hurt them
today I am as happy as a burning torch
because there were five minutes left
to the great victory.

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Last goodbye

You chose the worst option
in your mind you have given up on me
another blow
another broken pillar
and after this
only stoning can kill me
last goodbye
is a glass of unbroken tears
how stubborn and superior I am
I do not accept apologies
they do not change anything anyway
let it be as you wish
and let it be the last

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I make a city for you

When I go home
along the way clouds follow me.

Far from the thoughts of bad people
I make a city for you.

You are a loved one
you are a man with words that constantly weigh.

Away from the eyes of others
I make a city for you
will be lavish and special
as soon as I put love in its foundations.

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This distance

There is no cure
no pain
for this distance
between me and you
which is not described
in simple words
there is no sorrow
there is no regret
only black spot
so three points
and distance
what makes us be
empty story.

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Life in the dark

Life happened to me in the dark
dark eyes in a dark room
finally the darkness seduced me
I left the past to sleep
in his broken cradle
last sip of coffee
I drank it with the memory of you
this is life in the dark
there is no place for people here
born under a lucky star.

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White sheet of paper

I pour coffee
on breathable paper
white sheet like a loom
I weave destinies on him
white leaf like a cobweb
from verses perfectly arranged
white sheet like a white flag
decorated with snow whiteness
I pour anger on breathing paper
a plain white sheet of paper.

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Bad combination

I steal your thoughts
at the speed of light.
I enter the fingers of your dream,
to wake you up.
I tell you, that in all trains
there are passengers at all times.
I lie to you that I will be yours
one day in this sad country.
We are two good
from a bad combination.

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