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Noxious gasses bleed the sun,
The gashes in arms feed the blossum,
Feathers fell and dug down deep,
Never more forgetting,
The cauldron falls in cornered lips,
The building bustle in the stream,
Castrated the cow and godless famine,
The death of the poor did bring a smile,
Another day and other shallow,
Wading in the depths of despair.

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Imaginary Children

Up in the air,

Streamwise goodness,

Playing the tune.


Flutes and sirens,

In symphony rising,

The midnight flies rest about.


Second winter,

I need remember,

The feeling of flute.


Sinking in the water hole,

I translate the mothers feelings,

Liquidate the notion of believing.


Cull the night away,

Frayed windows and nights astray,

Flutes be...

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not here

Not a sound,
Not a peep,
Not the orchestra or symphony,
Dancing shadows against the track,
Gold in flecks amounts to the bright,
A sun beam streaming through feathers,
And in a cold ground risen,
The water from the depth above,
Zealous in the natured tepid,
Concrete walls between foundations.

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clay bells ringing

Didn't you hear?
The bells were ringing.
The hallways teeming with musty air.
Drying by the leaf in meadow,
Beneath the branch locked dead,
The sky chimes in with accolades,
Moose's dead in piles by the everglades,
The vroom vroom of motor cars down streets yet paved,
The sickly cell anemia of the dead to rights not paid,
In the corner of the darkness,
Gold spilled in dew of jello,

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Flourish the flower,

Hold it keep inside,

Cauldron of flame bathrobe,

Coloring the book in shadow,

The stars align in brimming night,

Cataracts opening eyes,

The blinded walk-in side of aisle,

She didn't know which way was right,

Yet holding to the arms in bellows,

A shimmering midnight flight.

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fleeting me

Identify the culdesac child,
The bells attached to carts,
Cars drive by in me.

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moments of childhood

As though the net began and ended with the bang,

Things held between fingers,

Dead skin in leaves of fall dew meadow,

Meddling in the library walls,

Unwelcome abomination of dead wrath,

A hand held soft wide open,

Casting to the meadow scream,

The very tulip in the garden,

The dirt that cast a shadow,

Planting more leaves.

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not breathing

Dumpster diving,

Seagulls beck and calling,

Not the heavy whistle once blown,

The crowds in eyes,

Feeling free,

The empty shadow of my life,

Betrayed not forgotten,

The bestowed upon the rocky thing,

Don't hold your breath,

In dust or daisey,

For the light is nor not thee.

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There is a hole in the world

There is a hole in the world,
Deep but dark,
A blue hinge and twirl.

There is a hole in the world,
Filled with not what's due,
The flicker of you.

There is a hole in the world,
Channel it deep now darling,
Wouldn't want you to feel used.

There is a hole in the world,
Nothing like you,
Just me in basket mornings.

There is a hole in the world,
With or without you.

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Open Eyes

not a sound,

not a peep,

eyes wide open,

mouth drenched like wheat,

the flowers bloomed,

the dead man swallowed,

the people screaming in the gallows,

not a sound,

not a peep.

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Good Night Moon

Full moon risen,

Deathly hollowed arms,

Held out for love,

They cascade the side,

Rocks and other things,

Nothing could be done,

I can't hold a candle to the screen,

In doors and hallway,

Dangling from the ceiling,

The remains of a half dead child,

Gust of air through walls,

Thin and bustled,

Curdled milk in mouth,

The blinding light.  

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Repetitive Behavior

Not another one, 

Not again, 

Not held in mouth, 

Not open again, 

Not becoming, 

Or unbecame, 

The sight of you, 

Day after day.

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River View

Blue river, 

Sad bends, 

Moments in ocean. 


There is a small tulip, 

Head in dead hand, 

The memories fleeting. 


Stood beside the concave wall, 

Stood within two shells, 

The paper fall Briskly. 


Holding by the string on thread, 

The things with me, 

Yet still dead. 

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Cold Steel Walls

I wish I was a whale, 

Swimming in deep ocean, 

Breaths held deep did stay. 


I wish I was a frog, 

Hopping from each island, 

Water but a pleasant shower. 


I wish I was a cow, 

Holding in my dairy, 

Walking by hoping for some grass. 


I wish I was a human, 

Breathing in a world to behold, 

And all the bittersweet feelings. 


I wish I could reme...

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In Shadow

upon the yet forseen,

in motions of today,

the things between,

the moments fleeting,

day after day it comes to me,

the smoke of morning,

the dew of afternoon time,

the clock fell silent in daytime

there rests in shadow,

a thing to be,

that which never could be me.

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Inside Out

That which is and stands in two,
other than between,
because there is not,
once more not one thing,
just simply that,
which is a being

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Indeed, there is no way out from everland,
No free roaming sky,
No people walking by,
You wander,
You ponder,
Briskly in reprieve,
Wishing that you may leave,
Someday too,
It will be true,
The mellow drops of sunset heaven.

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A baby's face

You are not special,
Not loved,
Not painfully gifted,
You hang the leopard,
Of outstretched hand,
And spot on your breath,
Unheard of,
The manner in which it henceforth whrithes in decay,
The smell of the foul blood in vacant memories,
Vinear and salvation,
Hospital and surgeons,
We which left behind,
Have a look in the mirror,
A memory fleeting,
Like a child in the air,
Never danci...

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A great supply,
Of warmth and kittens,
Clothes and spoken words so kind.

For in the ornate halo,
That which sits alone,
It merely dies.

A glimor of hope,
No more forgotten,
Than the great now.

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I feel cold,
Sitting beside you.

An image of that man,
Yet unseen nor heard,
I speak it just out.

I am moon,
Which came way down,
The morning coffee.

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Friendly reminder

You think you know,
But you know nothing,
Nothing about me.

Or you,
It shouldn't couldn't matter,
You don't matter.

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My Burden

I saw the morrow,
I see today,
For what it is.

I did too,
The child's eye,
The half wit mind.

I thought myself bright,
In reflected eye.

But today I realized,
I'd been planning,
This mind since just nine.


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Like lemons,
Drifting places,
Once done.

A swift breeze,
Fall in,
The last leaf.

Having blood,
Holds us open,
To painting walls.

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Brittle bones,
The scattered remain,
And rain that makes it mud.

When I was a child I played in mud,
I asked to see the world,
The secondary movement of a minute hand.

The reflections of meaningless begotten,
A sacrificial lamb,
That which perceives all but reality.

What a fucking disgrace

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The Vile Aisles

Flourish in greenery,
The person sat beside me,
Pray thou holy vow.

Nested in the banquet,
Held just after,
Another sickly vow.

And in the casted shadow,
Tepid down not aisle,
Your arms held low to grab me.

The selfish hadn't bother.

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There exists in next of kin,
Ashes then found,
Grey sheep in herd along the wooden post.

Given in,
A red line in sand,
Which flow under watching man.

Ghosts make up the ocean,
The rocks of great mountains,
The sound of sea shells.


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Texting a Friend

A fleeting aura of the last ditch moment. A concrete thing of blood and bones feeling. Great not left unbroken. Unshackled to a doubted mind. A requirement has left you burning. Holes in books. The thing of warning. For grafting to the skin at night. Your life in venomous mourning.

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Mid Month

Tiss the season,
Of men that failed me,
Because morning blight.

Between me and I,
Two tales stand still,
Crooked in light of the moon.

The tread of water,
By too few,
Drowning in banquet galore.

Frequence to bathe,
And fingers sorting article,
White knuckled.

To keep them silent.

Let alone an emplied aphrodisiac,
Another sin to cure,
Another nail bored deeper.

Splinter ...

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slowly warming

Dandruff and heels,
Cracked not shattered,
Rough moments and glass.

Sprickets and friends,
Balloons held softly,
I hear a hand to hold.

Like mine,
Veracious adamant and sullen,
Swollen cracks matching in pavement dusk.

Neither is a side to mouth,
Air in cold clasped balming,
With palm and stricken dormly..

Not to mention.
A soft movement.
Yellow and side flicker.


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Red and Green

Green indents,
Pattered soil,
A make believe undone for me.

The trampling boots,
Of boys in greens,
Another to ride you down upon.

Sparkling tea,
Loose leaf,
Caramel born from winter.

A slay red ridden,
To my door,
Without forever mourn.

And in a steep,
Gleam between,
My heart does truly sink.

Because I know,
Im damned to be,
No worth between my bracelet beads.


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Blueprint Friend

I tincture,
And it wanders,
A thought upon ponder.

The day grows dim,
given a glimpse,
Growing fonder.

I find it peculiar,
How the friends I make,
Hardly reflect.

It's very bothersome,
I planned it all,
But they couldn't let alone bother.

It makes you lost,
An endless summer,
Somber bought the night.

I didn't miss a cross for t,
I planned it just right,
Just not for me.


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Gifts to be Given

Troubled child,
By the bay,
A second snack utopia.

The thing about,
And in the waves,
Held hands open under water.

Coughing fits,
And second stories,
Man about the world alone.

The second morning,
And yet more mourning,
I set paths about way forward.

With stretch and feeling,
A baseless meaning,
A gift held deep in wet hands.

I stand in winds,
In windy roads,
The moonlit...

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Teaming of cold angles,

Yellow in its breaming,

Dying early at night.


Guttered rat,

Which teals the ground,

Broken edges at the banquet.


Hollowing the precious thin,

A serpentine tincture of handy men,

Because a stream struck a chord within.


Beneath a creep,

The kingdom come,

Rotting hearts of deathly grace.


It streaks the blue,

A red in l...

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Baby Eternal

It’s time to fly, 

Like a bird, 

My wings becoming free. 


Stepping among a strange curdled current, 

A sea beneath, 

Arms just out of reach. 


For in the sea, 

Of mind and open eye, 

My world falls dim. 


I guess there is, 

Another way, 

To die and be free again. 


Like a bird, 

A Seashell hollow, 

A sacred branch beneath yellow skin. 


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Forever and forged,

The great mind,

Of mine.


It comes in bouts,

Of gout,

Needles in my eyes.


The feeling of dull death,

Streaking from the center heart,

And it does not fade.


To walk in day burns,

The soles of my feet,

Summer’s beaches reek of dead pleasures.


Breaking bones,

Pressure of life,

Death besides me.


It didn't help at ...

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Fearful Living

Triangular fixtures,
On the glass,
Just between cold mist and fog.

Slipping between,
The midnight fright,
Aching back in the morning.

A waiting world,
Drooping of a leaf in tea,
Melting eyes of shadows.

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And dicey, 

Solid fallen wayward shadows. 


Veneering the very being, 

Besides me, 

Welcoming cold weather astranged. 


Furthering the secondary, 

A tertiary beginning, 

The foolish abomination of stricken death wish.


Golly it does be tell, 

Forensic and death bells, 

A pedal on the ever lay. 


Caucus and delibriation, 

Vorumption ...

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Before the teal,
Of heavy rain,
A song did ring unclear.

But split and spatter,
In cracks and mounds,
Frayed the linen thin.

Struck against the bed at night,
A handgun held in envy,
Shatttered glass besides a mirror.

Just among the very leaves,
Tepid in a sunset morning,
The water seams the very dress.

Mouth did heal among the waves,
Strongest in real worry,
Greatest in raw f...

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Slits for eyes, 

Through dusk of dawn, 

And written down on tissue paper. 


Floral in briefcase, 

Drenched beneath cold willow, 

Tunes of merry metal. 


Wrapping in the circles, 

In which we cannot be, 

Merely a human being. 

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Yellow Blue Dandellion

A pain in my side,
Mercy be by my night,
In willow high arches.

Perched on great orchards,
With legs that dangle,
An idea of my sight.

Sticks that step in forest path,
By the side of rocks forgotten,
The breeze is to awaken

another night,
another fright,
Another reminder I am broken.

The standing of a misled child,
By the edges of enchantment,
And the denial of your life be...

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The straight and narrow,

A dismal day,

Again the reversal of places.


It begins again,

A judgment day,

And the hands fell short of forgiveness.


Night thy dark,

I remember this thing,

Truth by the edge of deadly.

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I know the world,
Through and out,
Looking at the fucking door.

The hanging paper,
blue and yellow,
Left ashes on the dying daughter.

A drenched up sailor,
A timeless flower,
I stood by wood and watched it fire.

The whispered classroom,
My mind in wander,
I was given to the stranger.

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The gallery,

A spell bound man,

Toes to toes besides a shadowed overlay.


Criss cross patterns streak an open portrait,

By the ends of the stream,

And stood in the aisle.


Painting another picture,

Reflections of dreams,

Just like me.


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