transient blue

jeopradize the sand on under,

under belts in strides and dies,

a death bed of less fragments.


Nor the waves in afterday,

Or the monday wonder blues,

and the screen of held out candy.


Your eyes are not blue.

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Relived Dying

Needless refrain,
A deadly reframe,
And second pass by nearly in frame.

I step in motion,
Along the time line,
Above the sound.

I step in motion,
And reel back time,
To the day I died.

I am sincerely,
Opened two,
Between me and you.

Because the fraying eyes do bleed,
And blinded but still too soon,
I fall besides the railroad dying.

Begging for the world to stop crying,

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Didn't you know the blue moon shining,
And dying in the after may,
The venetian sky above a crude ocean.

And in the bunkers drowned by bloodshed,
And iron torn crudely at the seam,
We go about in circles amongst the after day.

Not that the wind didn't hear your whisper,
Or that you felt dismay,
But because the deadly world did wonder.

Just how much you dare be gay.


To be c...

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Nautical Mile

saturday fell silent in the morning,

the tea ran down your shirt,

and seconds on the minute do pass by,

don't hear the sirens calling,

don't be besides crying,

open in the midnight journey of fleeting mesmeray.

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Biscuits and Gravy

I once stood by a porch,
Hands tied behind my back,
And told a tale of when my freedom laid bare,
Not that you'd care,
But I heard it in the effervescence of the metronome,
A calling out to be,
Never free.

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Good Mourning

Holes in the net between,
My mind gone between the two,
Not trying to be heard be seen.

I care for the trumpet siren,
A bloody wind of mind not dying,
The vivacious ashes in piles crying.

Dead bed worms in thighs,
The agony of a bed sick child,
The fallen grace of Deathly hallow.

Vernacular and sentence past,
He free in me the pastor garden,
Buried deep silent pouring.

The mind...

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Blue sea

The cold dew in winter,
Ice cold drink,
Blood in the window.

Holiday gathering,
Red cascading falls,
Nor the way a tone makes me.

Imagine dream by a bedside,
Holding in one hand a child,
Sunkin deep in the sea.

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Behind the screen door

White roses on the patio,
I don't see much in front,
I don't see much at all,
Stood stranded in the fog of misremembrance,
The secondary overlap of this that and now,
Did the streaks in the pavement give it away?
It didn't stand a chance to hold much longer,
The flood gates open to see the death of me,
The death of the thing,
The fickle reality that bears its teeth and growls
The section...

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sad child

sadistic child,
not too old to bear,
fruits in the gallery,
besides the trained man deadly,
because it fell upon the tool,
the minister didn't hear you either,
blinded eye in mind among us,
the dead do creep,
and blessed did wrong us.

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How Unfortunate

Besides gray,
I hear a voice,
Saying to step beside,
As a wall stands by,
Silent to the tragedy,
What a travesty,
Holding down a flower,
What a world that eats more and more,
I heard my ears ring today,
They stood beside on angels,
Dead dead deadly angels,
Barking orders like mad,
The ravenous things between your seat cushion,
The very thought can drink you whole,
In mind and in my m...

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I am damned to live a different life

I am damned to live a different life,
Sweat beading in the pores,
Dead maggots in my eyes.

I am damned to live a different life,
Not feeling or real,
Held hostage within me.

I am damned to live a different life,
Alone inside the shadow,
Unable to break free.

I am damned to live a different life,

Its not up to me.


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