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The cold wind slinks into the corner,
I guess there's a storm tonight,
Rocking of a gentle boat just in sight.

But the view from here is one of grandeur,
To assume that you're seen before the ether,
A reflection through the pigmented soil?

Feces stir in swins that linger,
That sit and look around for what more,
Just lay down.

It all ends in slaughter,
But I know this,
I know that ...

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You're my Guest!

I got too comfortable,
Don't forget you're just a guest,
Take all that you care to!

Ghostly by night,
In the now crack of dawn,
The light glistens on the side of my pantry.

But didn't you see!?
This place known to little,
A weird and strange place.

It's hollow (I'm sure),
But the meaningless did wander,
And I feel nauseous at times.

But when the mountain sides goes rockin,

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My feelings are difficult

Don't you see now?
Just south of the border,
the rains coming in from the east today.

I wish as well,
that the west held more flowers,
and the places I walk didn't stick my boots deep.

The weird thing to remember,
and the falacy abroad,
is that all those in color blend in.

But you didn't watch,
when the paint ran down my shoulder,
and it bled into my very skin.

The very thin ai...

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in wakes of the wave

I feel very much in a boat without a paddle,

It’s the strange sounds of ice cream,

I wish they sang through the misty air as well.


Women about me,

And through me,

It’s all the same in the end.


But you really simply cannot be sure,

To the shade of grass,

Before winter’s end.


I wonder,

As I often do,

The places that ice does go without seeing.



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I want to say something new,

It’s like I knew it from long ago,

And the cold shoulder weighs my side right.


It’s unusual,

I suppose when you find yourself lost in thought,

To see more than what is in glimpses of peripheral.


The times go by,

And clocks sound round,

The world around me closes in.


This used to make me scared,

I suppose there is that too,


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What if I'm not,
The places we could've gone.

Creations stand with crooked hands,
Besides the worn out leather,
I have to wonder what if.

Should I dare let that dream escape me?
I wish it were so easy,
But sometimes the steps fall short.

I care to climb,
I don't care to die,
Zellas and empty besides my creation.

I guess,
Seconds before arrival,
I'd simply sit and star...

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I wish there were the teals,

Among the waves,

The sorrow of hands now open to avail.


The ghastly horror,

Movies and books alike,

Dead skin makes clumps in the gutter.


It's hollow,

A point to be made,

Heatwaves send shivers down your spine.



And forgotten,

A glass jar in the pantry.


It's si...

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paint and brush

Most authentic,

Besides graces,

People don't see it.


I guess it's to be expected,

It's unheard of,

I suppose.


But it's true besides the graceless wonder,

That the best miss eyes of masses,

Humility in wonder.


Sometimes I dream,

I often don't,

But the feathers fall all the same.


Between grated fingers,

I mean,

It's as I wish.



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I sometimes sit and wonder,
What of the thing in mind and body,
That shackles the very thought.

I didn't wish to step beyond the grave,
But the light seeps through the tinted windows,
Now opaque and frayed.

It's an aside,
The dew on a monday evening,
And it's something beholdent to thy brother's arm.

And yesterday.

It makes no difference in the end,
And I know...

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I wasn’t allowed to breath,

Or to the take that step,

Or to see what is beneath a covered grave.


What do you wish,

When the others can do it all,

To be allowed to suffer?


I guess there’s nothing more for me,

I have been held to a higher standard,

Endlessly repeating.


Recursively I roll in bed,

And sometimes I sit and cry,

But the reality is that I ha...

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You didn't notice

Didn't it come true?
Exactly what you wanted,
Desolate and afraid.

The greatest grains,
And men to be alone,
Side by side.

You wanted them to fall in line,
Like the dominoes,
Your play thing.

A sick and demented vicarious form of living,
Some may say parasitic,
But you know differently.

It was your only way to be,
To live and to see the world through twisted lenses,
You got your wish...

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Is it worth it?

To wither besides the road,

And climb into the walls again?


Like a rat,

The world sees down upon you,

And speaks to the great descent.


Fathered in delinquent,

Yet you forget the aforementioned shore,

Did the rain really build that for you?


As if the swim was worth the wade,

Wading about in the open waters,

Sinking beneath a sea of del...

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Melancholy, short story (written a long time ago)

In the same way that I’m trapped, I am also free. However, why must I be in-between? It is quite a dizzy state, one that would make even the most resilient sick.
“Dusk is upon us, would you like anything to drink?” My voice clearly drowsy, tired, nauseous.
“No.” Cold, he seems lost. Perhaps in the very maze that is his mind, winding one way to another, unrelenting terror around every...

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An Explanation

I’ve had moments where I cry,

When writing just a couple words,

I really don’t know why.


Yet there does remain,

Beneath the skin,

A reason.


I probably can’t control it,

Not after so many times,

Strolling around the block : I felt empty all the time.


You know,

There’s not much to be said,

Yet it holds so much meaning.


I remember of the time on...

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Untapped Potential

I thought myself once capable,

I fear that’ll be how I’m found,



The competent held down,

By the nature of birth,

A shameful misunderstanding.


I once sat it chair and dreamed,

Just like you,

Of how I was meant for greater hours.


Yet when the hand ticks by,

The motions remain small,

And my eyes go blind.


I wonder just how much longer ...

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I sit now by the oak,

I’m cold and tired.


The feathers in my hand,

Do you think they make me free?


I don’t think they could,

Yet another flower.


I feel the cool wind in blood,

Iron moans to other people.


It feels wrong to say,

That there’s more than to fall in my desolate shower.


But here we land,

By the road of the great saint Gerald.



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A Glimpse of Happiness

An estranged bubble can’t bring back the lost days,

In the side of room in darkened covers,

A sad and colorless world.


But it places in my hand a rock,

The grain of sand,

Left now from the rubble.



When you’re born at sea,

The impact of a single pebble makes all the difference.


I sit willowed now,

Imagining another flower,

And the images of d...

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To be something you wish you weren't,
As though that could be true,
Let's take another dip?

The tar at its center,
Take this breath deep.

Sank this way,
In the darkened waters.

Eyes shot,
My blood seeps through the veins,
And the rolled ends split.

Food for thought,
In a decedant moon.

Nah just such audacity,
To keep on breathing.


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Diet Coke

It’s sad that,

No amount of diet cola,

Will make me feel less sad.


It must be clear to all those taken – I did not take

It must not be heard from those that spoken – I could not speak

This sorrow from the late hours – the sad world remains


You say you taste fresh

But you taste of unripe fruit

You say you’re sugar free

But that can’t be true

This is why I am ...

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The gift of life

There's a scent of pine,
It reminds me of when I was young,
When I took in that gasp of life.

The thick sap,
Between my fingers,
Now maroon from the diffracted light.

God pumps within my veins,
In sync the budum budum,
And I've read all the recipes to form your innocent life.

Christmas is the best time of year,
Beneath my heaven's night,
Yet I sit with this pain that will never fade.


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Tick tock,
The bible says,
Softly by the shore.

Read my tome,
And read it twice,
Don't dare second guess for more.

The joy and love,
So clear and free,
Just enough to share.

For when it comes,
To the end of day,
Your prayers are then for sure.

Oh pray for me,
Kiss my boot!
You can't possibly ignore.

The wonderful joy,
And love is free,
Not free enough to share.

Those that follow,

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Thai in the leaves,
Concoction to be set aside,
The wind didn't let any light through.

I take the hand,
Gold and brown,
Taking it to the side by side now on cold wood.

The rings didn't clank,
For they never knew the meaning,
My bloody fingers.

Hands to block the sun,
It feels hotter than normal,
I feel overwhelmed.

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People die,
Opportunities are missed,
The cold ground(s) send(s) shivers down your spine.

To stand without a spine,
It's to exist without the symphony,
To fall victim to the sycophants of our holy God.

I wish there could be an easier way,
Than to fall from destitution,
Though  I figure we all define the rocks below the sea.

It's fascinating,
A world without power,
Did you ever get to se...

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so it were

Sadness begins in the end of what could be,

Where the people sat just across the aisle,

Like it were so little.


But I will never have,

Something unique,

Something similar.


But never the same,

And for that I feel alone,

And without meaning in this desolate night.


What had you seen now and then,

Along the sides of poorly knitted scarfs,

The little bit ...

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Conscious purposes

Depths of depravity,
Sickened dogs in the corner,
They die in peace.

To feel shattered,
In the waterless world,
Nile's gone red.

Wine in the hand,
And bible in the other,
We stand inbetween juxtapositions.

Something deep within,
You can't run from darkness,
A necessary evil.

You do know the ends of fog,
You mustn't see past me,
I am opaque against the facetious moon.

With each door ...

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I feel of efforvescents,
In the dead of dawn,
And yet the lively worms work for more.

I mentioned before of seashell hollow,
Of the waves and crack against hard sand,
The geese do rain down a little more.

I wish I had the reins,
To set another foot forward,
But that's disengenous.

A way to escape I suppose,
Like the ants,
Burrow deeper into the colony.

A view from half-way down,
I dep...

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March to the beat of drums

5 minutes before sunday
The desiccant of the gallery,
And paint rubs the oil thinner.

What was it in an endless dream?
That was said to me,
Just days before I found out I could be free.

Feathers drift from the sky,
A fallen angel,
Windy sails.

I sit with rows and hold the eyes thin,
Against the blinding sun,
Creaks feed into the bay of pigs.

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Letter to sender

Little more than to be against the wall,
And senders mail you a letter,
In break of day.

Nuisances sever ties with the belongings,
Volition and freedom,
A mound to stand upon.

Did the feather fall silently,
When it came to the end of morning?
That's the afternoon

Flock in and out,
Trepedatious and holy,
Sending my thanks to the magnificience of the magistrate.

Little lady,
Babies in c...

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There's nothing more to be said

When you step out into a cold room,

The certainty of which did hold true,

Though sometimes uncertain is better.


I wish again that time had passed,

Slower and in reverse,

Little more than a baby's step.


Sway of the hips,

And eyes so wide,

The tides come rolling in.


The shadowed figures watch and stir,

Above and below,

As of late.


But the galla...

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godfree beside an anvil, 

shattered now be home, 

sat besides the palestinian, 

as though there were ends, 

gosh in fasting, 

as though there ever were one, 

in the second free and afternoon, 

be me, 

this after more

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A ghostly figure,

In crimson dawn,

Walk in the water fluorescence.


As tho there weren't a place to be,

Because there's not,

I step into the meaningless world.


Void of devotion,

Xenic in nature,

And food that rots to the bottom of the sea.



There stands the truth,

Convoluted and constructive in gasping irony.


Hands clenched,

A little...

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Be god

Gosh be darned now in the holiday


Didn't you feel that?

Like hell,

In afternoon


G be there,

Little more,

Or less


Who cares


The world did come this way


As tho

As if

Nah nevermind


It's alright,

i guess,

But tho it said in the manuscript.


Fuck you,

I know.

Tho you couldn't


Or did you ...

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In case I die tonight,
The shade's still blue,
And mother did not hold my hand in a field of pedals.

Stars in the sky gave me pleasure,
But little more than the reflection above the mountain,
I had tried to climb it.

Valor be forgotten,
When sitting on the side of the bench,
Hand in arms - rock rock my baby.

Did the wallet fall?
Or did it slip.
As though that ever mattered.

If not,

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You're not allowed

Excuse me,

Gashes in the side of women,

And pedantics to be withheld.


As though you understood,

Ashamed and conceited,

Sadness in a destiny worth having?


You sit in golden walls,

Sheltered in peace,

Little did my graces bless me so.


A person's hand reflects the image of their sky,

Paramount to the great sycophant of our day,

Either stand or let die.


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heart of eternal

Saturday’s dwindling light,

And the side of the shadow in morning,

Peckish by end of day.


I have walked in the sand with bloodied toes,

Waiting for the road to come,

And when I reach it I see reflection in the pavement.


There’s nothing to be seen and no step to make without more blood,

I have little more seed left to give to the hungry earth,

The tide rises in per...

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Sit still,

Dead in the water,

Gangrene smells of scented candle.


How the trepidation does halt rainy and foggy nights,

Yet the world can't wait to see,

Open the faucet in the middle of day!


Howling to the moon,

Joining the chorus,



God it feels good,

When in the middle of night,

Darkened figures rise from the shadows.


As if you felt ...

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