Wie prophetisch - Rainer Maria Rilke

A great deceit is practised by the liars who rule the world
Playing the fool they tell us we cannot be ourselves.
And we believe them, more fool we.
They tell us to be satisfied, to fall into line,
But amongst themselves they call us
Filthy, ignorant swine. 
They drink their wine slowly,
Savour every drop.
Laugh at the face outside the window
Dirty, ignorant sop. 
On April 19, 1903 in Viareggio
We will see what we shall see:
When money loses value
And hyper-inflation rules the roost
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte
And all the power of evil is let loose.
They begin to break apart this thing called civilization
Revisit the barbarism of the Goths upon the nation. 
In the Catholic south and in the Lutheran north
There is a roar last heard in the Colosseum, 
Began under the rule of Vespasian in 69AD, 
To revitalize Rome, the roar is for blood. 
Subdued for now but still with us: after the corpses,
after the camps, after Dresden and Nagasaki,
after Pol Pot, Rwanda, Bosnia, Daesh.
So, listen for the echo of that roar
In your neighbourhood, it tells of war

May be art of nature and tree

                                                           Paul Cézanne - Blue Landscape , ca 1905

◄ Summer 1967

John Keats 31 October 1795 – 23 February 1821 ►


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