Forced to Like

Forced to Like


People cannot be forced to like each other

I bear the scars of this truth

Their scorn is visible in their eyes

No longer do they need to shout abuse

or throw stones

They still deny me employment

Another tactic in the arsenal of prejudice

Which is now veiled

They even smile in an attmept to affirm me

But this cloak conceals a loathing

I cannot hear open words of wounding

But words from the past resonate in my soul

To them I am a lesser man

I do not match their standards or conform

Their churches and mosques have some degree

of honesty  -  they openly condemn and despise me

They would rather bless inanimate objects

than people like me

People cannot be forced to like each other

I continue to live in the shadows

and cling to the souls of their shoes

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keith jeffries

Mon 19th Apr 2021 20:44

Thank you to all who commented and liked. I appreciate your reading and commenting on this poem.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 15th Apr 2021 12:26

The reality is with us still. It remains a human trait to be drawn to
those who have much in common with ourselves, to a greater or
lesser extent, usually as a means of comforting continuance of a
way of life and thought. "Tribal" might have once been used as a
definition and that too still exists in modified form. Then there is
that strange occurrence "instinctive dislike" that can be felt when
meeting another person; almost impossible to explain in rational
terms yet powerful in effect and which we accept until persuaded
to think otherwise for whatever reason. - if at all! There is, of
course, that other reality: the prejudice we carry within us that
expects others to think, view and deal with us in a certain way -allowing us the excuse to think "I knew it!" when anything is said
or done (In any manner of ways) that reinforces that expectation.
There can be justified reasons for this expectation to exist but it
can become an obsession amounting to a degree fo paranoia
that needs close personal supervision and control if it is not to
dominate the quality of life and become self-destructive. We can
occasionally be our own worst enemies and play into the hands
of those who denigrate, despise or detest us. But why let the
bullies win when we can smile benignly and bat aside their boorish
behaviour? Take as you find has been my maxim in adult life
and it is as good a way as any for getting by without stress overload.

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Ferris Ty Taylor

Wed 14th Apr 2021 17:11

I think that people can easily be coerced into disliking each other, but to like or love someone comes from within and thats why it's special.

I felt your pain in this poem Keith. Have you ever heard a song called tithe light' by The Proclaimers? Its a fantastic sentiment that echoes elements of this work i think, though it approaches the subject from a more snarling perspective.

Love this mate, I'm sorry if you feel alienated and although I myself am an atheist, I do understand that the kingdom of heaven wouldn't exclude good people. It says clearly that the big man is ALL LOVING so, his forgiveness and understanding is beyond the comprehension of any mortal and we aren't fit to judge him or each other.

Peace 💐

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keith jeffries

Wed 14th Apr 2021 13:46

Thank you for this comment. Religions have become institutions which have double standards and in the case of the Church indulge in hypocrisy. In fact they promote prejudice.


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Wed 14th Apr 2021 13:07

Obviously not everyone will agree, but from my perspective:
Religions teach people not to think for themselves.
They are the ones truly living closeted lives.

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