The cynics are the enemies of love;

Though cheats and low deceivers have their faults,

A part of them is driven by their heart.

The cynics know the fickle candle’s flame,

The ravages of time, the wilderness,

The unaccomplished ventures of our dreams.

But isn’t it delightful when they’re wrong

And one condemned liaison turns out long?

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 10th Apr 2021 17:30

Thanks, Brian.

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Brian Hodgkinson

Thu 8th Apr 2021 18:04

Yes, nicely done .. thought provoking

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 8th Apr 2021 17:40

Thanks to John, Aviva, Keith, Holden and Hugh for the likes and to Keith and M.C. for their comments.

Cynics may think that they base their opinions on experience (i.e. their experience) but they often personify a lack of generosity and hope, without which any sort of future looks bleak.

Thanks once again to all the readers.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 8th Apr 2021 11:45

It has been said that cynicism is the last resort of idealism.
I see the logic in that observation even while I understand how it conflicts with confidence in love, with the latter's demands on patience, forbearance and forgiveness.

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keith jeffries

Wed 7th Apr 2021 20:57

What a profound opening line.

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