#Haiku of Life 1972 and 1973 (as part of #NaPoWriMo)


In a incubator
you spent your first six weeks
struggling to breath.

(When I was born in 1972, it was touch and go for the 3 months
I was going to live)


Crying you didn’t stop
when you saw an Elephant
that very first time.

(Growing up I always had a love of going to the Zoo, 
although the first time nearly put that to bed)

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Andy N

Sun 4th Apr 2021 18:35

I love those Nigel, really clever, cheers m8 (:

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Nigel Astell

Sun 4th Apr 2021 01:04

Andy N
a fighter
from day one.

Big ears
got you
in a flap.

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