Entering into today’s day and age, we take turns turning the page.

Let us begin,
as were taken back to a time— lined with the new heights of always measuring up to ones expectations.
Ascendant signs are all "GO".
birthmarks placed on the face of the earth; add attachment to the earthly plane, and embody rebirth.
the fabric of the universe tucks us away—as our materialization is made—from a synchronous state between moon and sun.
our entire existence cannot be seen by our light body moving at Godspeed
A documentary should be put together—out of all the selfless acts that have occurred on this day,
at the end of the table; an Oracle’s expression of candle magic begs the question, and leaves us all insistent,
Upon handing her a handkerchief,
it was made clear,
that her only wish was for change.

In the event of bumping into you, as I recollect,
I began to beg your pardon; as I put my best foot forward, and gathered the courage in my search for the words to tell you that I hold your life’s work very dear to me.
even if my name wasn’t in that drawing
... I could still see that it was meant to be
I must’ve known it couldn’t have been by chance: initially,
the way you wrote your name next to the heart on display,
and put a fold for me to hold onto; to remember where we left off.

Your outreach lends a helping hand and welcomes in a round of applause across the globe.
a lot is asked when given the chance of a lifetime,
even the world as we know it longs for brighter days.

I feel as though every song placed through the ranks in your top 10, would fair just as well read:
You are so in tune with your inner dialogue.
at first glance, those speeches appear to be a stroke of pure genius-
A certain degree of professionalism goes into the way you connect the dots...
(it’s been speculated) that you are so far ahead of your time, ergo, when they look to you for answers in the near future
They say with certainty: your works to be depicted through grammatical analysis—and chalked up by peer review as a first-rate modern take on cadence,
or in other words musical notes.

I can’t help but ask; considering you stepped up to the task
anywho, anyone will do but... YOU— you’re the head of the class,
come, let us band together and join efforts in an astral project
Remember... listen-
... as we come into existence: put attention to detail.
And... please; see to it that your curiosity peaks
as we imagine traversing, (what science calls) "strings".
—Now let us reimagine, tell me what you see—
Go on, The loopholes themselves know no bounds
so what you're saying... and in turn putting on the page;
as it pertains... will bring about change surrounding all that we know to this day
it just so happens, when I proceeded to hand in our paper it was all handwritten under her name


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