Profer The Hand That Saves

We’re bleeding from every pore and laceration, and we lap at the blood, without hesitation,
And all we can offer in return is frustration, that there isn’t more for our exploitation,
And if all we ever wanted was to take, take, take, then why does it feel like such a big mistake?
Maybe it’s time to slam on the brake, and admit the deep depravity of our mistake,
Or maybe just admit the possibility, that never ending greed is a social disability,
And our constant desire for upward mobility, is the thing for which we deny responsibility,
It’s time that we offered a hand and not a fist, it’s time that we chose to rise up and resist,
The never ending messages that tell us to persist, in the treating of all others as if they don’t exist,
So what is to become of this broken race, if we don’t slow down from this break neck pace,
If we rape a world that we can’t replace, can we still bear to look each other in the face?
It’s time that we took responsibility, it’s time that we rose up to meet our destiny,
To treat each other with some care and civility, is well within the realms our hopes and ability,
So let’s sit together in honest conversation, not massage each others egos like some mutual masturbation,
And if our views are different, give an explanation, of why it’s so important for our civilisation,
‘Cos I don’t ever want to be a master or a slave, and I forgive all hurts to me as mine were forgave,
And if I have to make a choice on how to behave, I would rather offer or accept a hand that saves.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 8th Apr 2021 07:17

Thanks Stephen, it was written while I was listening to music now I come to think of it, so that's probably the reason. 😁

J. x

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 7th Apr 2021 17:43

A great beat.

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