She liked to play Lola on the Juke Box

At the local dance club

And shake her behind for all the lonely guys

She,  the over-painted,  fake breasted

Long,  tall,  "Knock-out"  with lust in her eyes

Her words of choice,  from her funny,  feminine,  deep voice

Was one of many signs,  to which I was certainly wise

In front of all the others,  I asked her to dance

She was shocked

And pulled me in close,  and whispered in my ear

You should know that this beautiful woman comes with a surprise

I replied,  that is what attracted me to you

This straight front that I show

Is just a disguise


By J.D. Bardo



The Accidental Best Friend ►


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Ghazala lari

Thu 29th Apr 2021 10:54

Although I laughed, but hv not much words to say. I second Keith's words so to say.😎

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keith jeffries

Thu 29th Apr 2021 10:52

A poem which goes to show that it takes all sorts to make a world. I particularly enjoyed the description at the beginning as it really sets the scene. A pleasant surprise could be a shock for many.
Thank you for this


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julie callaghan

Thu 29th Apr 2021 10:04

Thank you, enjoyed.

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