The Good Place

(or "An Atheist in Heaven")

My journey's end was all too fast
I saw the bus, but damn and blast
my foot still stepped right off the kerb
and as it did, I found the nerve
to swear a bit and gasp and sigh
"God help me" was my last breath's cry

A selfish gesture, I'll admit
but there was no time for better wit
I was pretty sure my little plea
would not be made to come to be
when that bus ensured my termination
much to my sad consternation

But then, there came a blinding light
a sense of ease, as I took flight
It brought a smile, I can relate
as up I went to some great gate
Then sheepishly I bid a grin
as a guy named Pete just let me in

I thought "he's made a mess of that"
and I'm not one for pointless chat
So on I walked, I daren't look back
I didn’t want him to get the sack
and saw the chance to look around
take in the sights, the smells, the sounds

They'd surely been some big mistake
I speculated I might wake
with broken bones, alive but sore
with bits of bus stuck in my jaw
So I took the time to wait a bit
with both fists clenched, and teeth a-grit

But nothing happened, nothing stirred
I got to thinking "how absurd"
I mean, either I'm a great big cheat
or I've somehow missed the meet and greet
Such an oversight is bloody odd
from an omnipresent mighty god

But, I've now been here for quite some time
I'm pleased to say the food is fine
The beds are great, the blankets too;
the pillows soft like morning dew
They even serve a decent beer
though wine's the thing to drink, I hear

But am I really having fun?
Well - no, alas - I know no-one!
There's no TV, no radio
no change of pace - no fast, no slow
Just an endless sea of gleaming white
on and on each day, each night

Then there's those ruddy angels too
who fly around with "stuff to do"
I think they are a waste of space
They seem to gloat from place to place
preening their halos as they dash -
they're only taking out the trash

We've overrated choir singers
competing with the bad bell ringers
But worst of all, and I don't mean to carp
but I'm sick to death of the bloomin' harp
There only seems to be one tune
played all night long - in every room

Yes, I've looked around - no joy so far…
not one soul here plays the guitar
So my eternity is going slow
I might check out, go down below
But, one thing might bring me some ease -
send up a pair of earplugs, please

Written for contest -

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 12th Apr 2021 17:06

P.S. The opening also brought back a near miss of my own
experience years ago, when walking near Old Street here in central
London, stepping off the kerb and seeing a blur of red pass
perilously close to my eyes as a bus moved through through the
one-way system in operation there. A moment's lack of concentration that left me blinking at my lucky escape.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 11th Apr 2021 17:59

A neat enjoyable sample of "Be careful what you wish for" when
thinking about heaven.

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Leon Kamm

Sat 10th Apr 2021 23:57

Yes things can be too nice.

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