I surrender

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I surrender


By day we fight

By night we fight

Constantly battling

Trying to stay strong

Trying to keep things right


As the struggle continues 

We try not to complain

We take on the suffering 

We take on the pain


We know we must continue

As the storm carries on

To pretend we feel tough

When we are truly forlorn


It's true in this journey

There is a time and a place

Where we must take on the bruises

And put on a brave face


We have endured our battles

In the heaviest of rain

And trenched through the forest 

Along muddy terrain



After a never ending journey 

There is quiet 


It would appear that it is safe

To let go of our sword and shield

And remove our brave face


We can fall to our knees

Feel the mud sinking in

Look up to the sky

Shed a tear or just cry


We have not lost our courage

We are not being pretenders

We have chosen this moment

To turn to god, and surrender

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Rasa Kabaila

Mon 5th Apr 2021 21:36

What a beautiful way to comment. Peace to you too, New Shoes.

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New Shoes

Mon 5th Apr 2021 05:59

"I went down to the crossroads and fell down on my knees. Asked the lord above for mercy, I'll beg you if you please" by Cream, Crossroads


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