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You leave me lost for words even when my thoughts aren’t pacing.


I just want you to call me mi amor, grab me, then have my heart racing. 


Though often I wonder, is it unrequited love that I am chasing? 


But I would risk it all for you —  even spend an eternity waiting.

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E Major

Elijah was walking back with iced tea he got from the store, 

But he “looked sketchy” so the police arrested him and threw him to the floor. 

They placed him in a carotid hold until he could not breathe anymore, 

Which led to his heart attack and he later died from all the suffering he endured.


So we played violins for him hoping he would play with us from heaven.  

Except it w...

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Black Lives MatterElijah McCainEnd RacismViolin


The rainbow that coloured the nations heart, 

The sole stroke triggering Black Lives Matter to start.

Forged to dismantle the despotic system,

By using peaceful protests forcing the government to listen. 

So they marched together to stand up against institutionalised hate,

Because at 17 years young it was too early to see heaven’s gates.


As he walked home with a bag of skitt...

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Black Lives MatterTrayvon Martin


Her universe was split into a mass of struggles and compressed emotions within an sunken space. 

The collisions of depression and anxiety grew stronger forming dark energy made up of misery; it’s high density crushed happiness quicker than the speed of light.

There were once stars in her eyes, shone brighter than any quasars, but it burned away creating the black hole in her being, leaving n...

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Hate Is A Virus

Where the oppressed are kept under white supremacists systematic control,


And an 89-year old woman is set alight, whilst taking a daytime stroll. 


The hate crimes on the Asian community is rapidly rising in toll.


We must fight against xenophobia until this racist infrastructure folds.


 If only people were judged by their true likeness, painted by their souls.



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The Diary Of The Coloured

Another innocent black soul taken,

Hunted and slaughtered like a pig for bacon.

Many are still skeptical: “why black lives matter?

As if racial profiling isn’t more frequent for those blacker. 

Unarmed and running when he met his fate,

Denied the chance of the potential to be great. 


A mother now without her son because he was ripped from this world,

Ruminating on the goo...

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El Corazón

He lit mi corazón like wildfire, 

It ignited something within. 

I feel this burning desire, 

Whenever I’m with him. 


Loco con lujuria and now i’m addicted, 

Y yo amo the taste of his skin. 

But we are always restricted thus I’m conflicted, 

Is this actually a grave sin?

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The Fifth Element

She is fire,

Get close and she will melt your heart,

The light in your darkest hour 

But play with her and you'll get burnt.


She is earth,

Her roots rich with self-love and worth, 

The natural evolution females seek

But mess with her nature, 

And she'll bring forth her seismic wrath. 


She is air,

Free and not confined,

Moves like the wind and her path kno...

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ChemistryElementsNatural LawsNaturePhilosophy


My darkness reaches new heights, 

I let my demons loose and they begin to take flight.

Ascending -- the gravity of my sins engulfs me,

and I lose the part of myself which was once light. 

The corruption then starts blackening my soul, forcing it to give up its unavailing fight. 

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Tuī hé lā

I was the ocean and he was the moon, 

Nature's opposites yet love would sprout soon.

As I push against his gravitational pull 

Though on my axis, my heart's orbit falls. 

Quite often I am his biggest challenge,

But as the ying to his yang he fixes this imbalance.


My spirit soul mate who facilitates my flow, 

Through the high and low tides our love for one another shows.


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My pain screams at the top of its lungs, 

Remembering all the: “if you need me(s)” now with silent tongues. 

Demons storm in and begin to cloud my heart, 

The spell of darkness showers and leaves its unsolicited mark.


My mouth stays still as I’m left without words,

Yet my mind fills with suicidal thoughts flooding in herds.

I wonder how it was to live my past life?

I hope...

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A WoMAN’s World

Her thoughts were wildly out of sync, 

As she had way too many to drink.

They danced together so he thought the lines were blurred, 

Even though the words she spoke were slurred. 

He felt they were antithetical to her actions, 

So he ignored it thinking of his own self satisfaction.


His desires then overtook what was left of his humanity, 

Now dead set on fulfilling his s...

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I let you all down

     🌹     I let myself down

Now it’s time to go

                      Time let my thoughts d 






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Mi Anemone

A warmth in her blossomed,

He made her smile from her heart. 

She was too scared to tell him,

So she played the friendship part. 






He stole her affection, like a thief in the night

Unknowingly planting the seed, but she forbid it to see the light. 

Though feelings had already begun to sprout from within,

Her exterior shell then cracked, it...

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Senshi (戦士)

My love is a two-edged weapon, wielded by insecurity and strikes with fear. 


Akin to Pandora’s pithos, it remained concealed; destruction would only come of openly sharing it to the outside world. 


My heart is shielded, once scarred by mistrust, now a lone vessel playing a broken melody looped: 




Just as soldiers march through wet trenches in p...

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悪夢 | Akumu

Dreams play hide-and-seek,

Thoughts trying to catch my sleep

Caught, but nightmares creep.

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