Heart of the Forest

She belongs to no one 
Daughter of the night 
Constellations fall upon her skin 
Like tattoos across her chest 
May the whole sky sink to the ground below
Engulf her in evening blues
Walking down a path of green she believes where trees grow there is peace 
Her hands caress the lush scenery like a warm hello. 
She doesn't mind the cold mud stuck beneath her feet as closes her eyes and thanks the creator for a place to lay her weary head.
Her strength has been tested 
Not a stranger to pain 
For now she moves with the wind eager that a new sunrise will soon appear 
There's no taming a soul like that 
Cursed is the Man who falls for her 
Brave is he who chases her downhill  
There's a challenge waiting on the other side 
She won't give in easily 
Once burned by raw desire led her to find a new beginning, where streams of virgin water run,  
A steady flowing river surrounds the edge of the forest, this crystal clear remedy recovers lost innocence 
She sips through her fingers 
Water washes through her body
Fresh and clean 
All around her secrets spill into the breeze 
She climbed until she found comfort in the tallest of trees
Gazing down at earth's ground in shady serendipity
Seated like a Queen in the branches
Tranquility as her throne
Stretched out on a limb 
Wrapped in all natures glory 
She is the heart of the forest 


◄ Two Fools and Me.

Stranger in the Crowd. ►


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New Shoes

Sat 24th Apr 2021 05:52

I think the most powerful line Is "This crystal clear remedy recovers lost innocence" The power of forgiving ourselves and others is key in letting go. Once you let go, you are free, innocence to our heart is returned. This is where you see the miraculous. If you master the art of letting go, you will forever stand in the holiest of places, the now.

Great Poem, as always.


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Danny Giesbrecht

Mon 19th Apr 2021 13:17

I really love your passion thank you

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