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It still hurts.

5 years.

It still hurts.

Just stay busy.

It still hurts.

Find a hobby.

It still hurts.

Help the needy.

It still hurts.

This should be easy.

It still hurts.

Stop talking about it.

It still hurts. 

Why aren't you over it?

It still hurts.

Don't make it about you.

It still hurts.

Let it go already.

It still hurts.

It's irrelevant...

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And all this time,

I dream about you.

do you ever stop,

and think of me too?

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December 25 2017

Waking up Christmas morning
with a sense of sadness in the air.
These walls are unfamiliar,
a lack of memories we've shared.

Christmas is a time for joy,
a time for laughter with the ones we love.
Full of special family traditions,
and praising our father from above.

But life is unpredictable.
In a moment everything can change.
What was once loved and cherished,
will never be the sa...

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5 years

 5 years. 5 years. 

If I scream

will my voice be heard?

If I react outrageously

will I be seen? 



I open my mouth. 

Not a sound escapes.


I never knew,

what I should or shouldn't do.

Would I crack under pressure if I speak?

Am I a sinner for staying silent?

There's no handbook for trauma.

There's no easy option when facing yo...

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Past Sheep

Inch by inch,

piece by piece,

kicking down my walls, 

you invade my sleep. 


1 sheep, 2 sheep,

3 sheep, 4 sheep

hiding dark secrets,

did you forget to keep? 


Long sumer nights

but has anything changed?

a sheep is a sheep,

all of you are the same.


1, 2 

3, 4

pick your favorite part,

take a little more. 


You devour what's accessible,


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