Eight Billion Cells


Awake again to the room you have dreamt up:
two identical doors on opposite walls
a mirror for each of the other two walls.
After checking your hair you pick a door and leave.

This is a world where love is a blessing,
it is an improving power.
It replaces selfish greed
with a desire for another's happiness.
One sees the reality of another
where before one saw only a tool
to use if you can as you wish.

Waking again (check you hair)
pick a door (Did I say they were identical?)
and you find this is a world where love is a curse.
It is the fever of obsession
which will hone your most manipulative traits.
It justifies any lie, any cruelty
and leads through delusion
to self-imposed misery.

Wake again. You don't know which door to choose.
Even when your out there, sometimes
you can't tell which world you're in.
Sometimes, looking in one mirror or another
you wonder which world makes the most sense,
which gives the most true picture of reality. 

There could just as well be one door, one mirror.
Check your hair, get on out there! Good luck.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 4th Apr 2021 17:33

A lot in this. A really good read.

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