Pub Monster

"I am not a monster!"

I roar in their faces.

There's blood on their minds...

... I know, cos I can taste it.


"I can defend myself.

Mum didn't raise a dickhead.

You think I'm scary now?"

I haven't even lost my shit yet.

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Well, What's the Alternative, at the End of the Day, Hun?

I'll have to be okay.

It will have to happen.

If it doesnt,

then I wont:

the sound of one hand clapping.

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Dead Hughes

I'll love you until Shakespeare's irrelevant.

I'll love you until Chaucer don't matter.

I'll love you till Silvia climbs from her grave,

and serves me Teddy Boy's head on a platter.


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Reflections and Extrospection



broken mirrors:

there you are!


In the gaze

of gnarly foxes,

there you are: 

free from problems.


In the mist:

there you are.

Filling my heart, 

all you are.



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Turning the Tide

Something magical happened. 

Goosebumps flooded my entire

body, I heard bells, colours were

exploding into vibrancy: suddenly

the prospect of the water was a 

terrifying and drastic inconvenience 

that I had happily avoided. I stood 

and thanked the woman. I didn’t 

want to look at her. I didn’t want 

to remember her, in case I fell in 

love, because then I’d end up b...

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The Nutter

You should medicate it,

you can hospitalise it.

I recommend crucially, that you avoid it,

and never, under any circumstances,

tell it the truth:

it would break.

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Wait with me for death

until it arrives, then weep

and make sure I'm missed.


Victorian Smut

Show me those ankles!

Yes! Now, touch that clavical...

baby, work that hair. 



Don't take this from me.

I've put so much into it:

it is my purpose. 




Hold my hands tightly,

certain of where they have been,

or just let the...

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Be Reasonable

Reason suggests that I should function.

This world doesn’t sleep and nor do I.

Reason brings me false assumptions:

my reason sees reasons to lie.

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It’s all a clue.

I’m the singular factor:

a catalyst,

a cosmic,

reactive component.

God and I have an understanding about truth.

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