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Turning the Tide

Something magical happened. 

Goosebumps flooded my entire

body, I heard bells, colours were

exploding into vibrancy: suddenly

the prospect of the water was a 

terrifying and drastic inconvenience 

that I had happily avoided. I stood 

and thanked the woman. I didn’t 

want to look at her. I didn’t want 

to remember her, in case I fell in 

love, because then I’d end up b...

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Speak to Me

If you knew your beauty…

if you could see your cheekbones…

the mirror lies.

The image dies.

You’ll never know what we know.

If you felt your kindness…

if you could help yourself…

you bring to me


I’ll pray to you, or else.

If I could see the world like you…

if I could just be clever…

my judgement’s made

of mud and clay.

I’ll be this way forever.

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Venus as a Monster

She emerges from the wreckage,

scathed and frightened:

a lone survivor.

It is tempting to call her lucky,

yet all who do

are known as liars.

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Devil's Advocate

Forgive your enemy. 

Forgive yourself.

You may find,


that there is only one

person to forgive.


Sometimes one must pray to satan,

to maintain balance in the conversation.

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The Nutter

You should medicate it,

you can hospitalise it.

I recommend crucially, that you avoid it,

and never, under any circumstances,

tell it the truth:

it would break.

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Wait with me for death

until it arrives, then weep

and make sure I'm missed.


Victorian Smut

Show me those ankles!

Yes! Now, touch that clavical...

baby, work that hair. 



Don't take this from me.

I've put so much into it:

it is my purpose. 




Hold my hands tightly,

certain of where they have been,

or just let the...

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Keep me under a loving eye,

let me speak your name with pride,

let me serve your every need,

let my doubt be lost at sea.


Spit on me.

I deserve it.

I'm disgusting in your eyes,

lie to me and I'll interpret

truth to cherish in your lies. 


Sleep with me until I'm safe,

till I know the snake is dead.

The snake that bit me:

hear him hissing,

find him an...

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Be Reasonable

Reason suggests that I should function.

This world doesn’t sleep and nor do I.

Reason brings me false assumptions:

my reason sees reasons to lie.

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You want to show me things,

you like it when I marvel at your immensity,

you don’t earn enough:

you gain something richly satisfying from this,

you can watch me squirm and feel a deep sense of purpose

and I am frightened to ask you why.

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It’s all a clue.

I’m the singular factor:

a catalyst,

a cosmic,

reactive component.

God and I have an understanding about truth.

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