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I want to be

the star in the sky

that sets about flicking

the spark in your eye.


I want to be the summer

breeze, kissing on your skin,

that lets you know that plants will grow

and breathe holy within.


I want to be Jesus's face

when you see him on a trip,

then when you hear him call your name,

you'll respond, "Forever, Ferris's."

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Please don't leave me on my own.
I can't stand the man.
He's haunted by a murder of ghosts
and dreams each night of Amsterdam.
Craves cocaine and whiskey always,
Itching in his heart.
Each morning follows him all day, 
ripping me apart.
He operates me like a prick,
resentment has no doubt.
He relies on charm, style and wit,
of which, he's running out.
I'm sick to death of being embarra...

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A Bird Perched next to me and Asked me to be Friends, so I said:

You make me feel like who I’m supposed to be:

who I was going to be,

before I fucked over everybody close to me.


You do not deserve me: you deserve somebody worthy-

somebody intelligent, not just arrogant and wordy:

somebody who’s down-to-Earth but also other-worldly.


You deserve the guy you make me feel like,

but to tell you the truth: that’s not who I am.

I am d...

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Severed Tie


You told me you were fine, and I came to believe you.

My feet were planted, my lungs were full.

I lived on your lies, greedily.


You are still my world. I am drifting through the black.

Silence from ground control.  

My air will run out soon enough.


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break up

your heart is still breaking

I can hear the tissue tearing

metallic smell

and taste

the shock of a grenade

what in the fuck

that was

not okay

kids to think about here

lives at stake

future forever

a little house

piece of shit

nuggets for dinner

drink sometimes

it’s ok

smoke your smoke

die endearing

not this

fuck hell

let’s just

not p...

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Love makes you Lovely

My soul is a whirlwind

of mystery, that could

but doesn’t cause chaos,

because it lives


in the palm

of your lovely,


little hand.

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Watching a boy Learn

A stem clutched in a chubby fist:

at mercy and ready to teach.

Atop is a sweet, sun-fed kiss, perfumed

and extending to reach:

the son inspects the specimen

and the father beams, knowing

that science lives.  

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Blackened Blew

Before the night was frightened,

where the shine of a star meets the gaze of your eyes,

innocence is ever-closer.

My life pauses when you blink, as waves roll on.

A trumpet wails out a cry of hunger

drowning out the siren songs.

I fall from the clouds:

a helpless hurricane-vortex,

into a thunderous, freezing splash.

Absolved by her salt,

I drift under her surface.


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One Small step Forwards and one Giant Leap Backwards


The moon is fucking doing my head in.

Every second it begs to question my next progression,

ever present, effervescent: a spectre of the next ascension.

Fucking ball of cheese, up there mocking me.

Turning tides, ruining lives: a public fucking menace.

Ban it.

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Lazy Bones

My legs do not care about my reputation.

They don’t know how badly I need this job.

They are done, so they won’t move.

I beg them, but my mind splits,

and excuses ooze through the cracks,

bubbling like snot from a sobbing drunk.

Soon, somebody will discover my shaking, stupid body.

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One too many hits to the Head


My being is marred

by me and my greed.

A wretched purple lens

tints every sky

before my eyes.


I am not safe enough,

so fear stifles and stunts.

I watch myself operate

behind a screen in tears

of sheer, hopeless boredom.


Every now and then

a big blast of life

electrifies my lights

and makes me feel

alright. Then Vanishes.

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Joy fizzes and pops:

buzzes, hums and rises,

then stops!

Everything’s blocked,

dopamine is crashing into a tombstone

cracking my skull again and again-

“Not tonight I’ve got a headache…

besides, it’s too warm to be hot!

Be cold inside and stay cool…”

Truth rots into thickening need.

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Pub Monster

"I am not a monster!"

I roar in their faces.

There's blood on their minds...

... I know, cos I can taste it.


"I can defend myself.

Mum didn't raise a dickhead.

You think I'm scary now?"

I haven't even lost my shit yet.

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Well, What's the Alternative, at the End of the Day, Hun?

I'll have to be okay.

It will have to happen.

If it doesnt,

then I wont:

the sound of one hand clapping.

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Dead Hughes

I'll love you until Shakespeare's irrelevant.

I'll love you until Chaucer don't matter.

I'll love you till Silvia climbs from her grave,

and serves me Teddy Boy's head on a platter.


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Reflections and Extrospection



broken mirrors:

there you are!


In the gaze

of gnarly foxes,

there you are: 

free from problems.


In the mist:

there you are.

Filling my heart, 

all you are.



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Turning the Tide

Something magical happened. 

Goosebumps flooded my entire

body, I heard bells, colours were

exploding into vibrancy: suddenly

the prospect of the water was a 

terrifying and drastic inconvenience 

that I had happily avoided. I stood 

and thanked the woman. I didn’t 

want to look at her. I didn’t want 

to remember her, in case I fell in 

love, because then I’d end up b...

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The Nutter

You should medicate it,

you can hospitalise it.

I recommend crucially, that you avoid it,

and never, under any circumstances,

tell it the truth:

it would break.

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Wait with me for death

until it arrives, then weep

and make sure I'm missed.


Victorian Smut

Show me those ankles!

Yes! Now, touch that clavical...

baby, work that hair. 



Don't take this from me.

I've put so much into it:

it is my purpose. 




Hold my hands tightly,

certain of where they have been,

or just let the...

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Be Reasonable

Reason suggests that I should function.

This world doesn’t sleep and nor do I.

Reason brings me false assumptions:

my reason sees reasons to lie.

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It’s all a clue.

I’m the singular factor:

a catalyst,

a cosmic,

reactive component.

God and I have an understanding about truth.

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