Vacations are the best time

To let the mind relax

And at the same time

We can allow our mind to travel

Far beyond the universe and galaxies

Into unknown, untraveled, unexplored realms

That's where the adventure begins

Plethora of places to roam alone

Or hand in hand with your love

A beach of milk and cookies to find

That's weird so let it be gold and diamonds

A space track where we could let the speed be

More than 5000 kilometers per second

What fun we can have during vacations

A never ending fun, letting our mind roam and run


Vacations can also be a pleasure for body

Sleeping, waking as and when we please 

Exercising for hours and walking miles after miles

Never worried about returning hone on time

No work pending or stacks of papers presenting

What a fabulous way to earn without work

Although short-lived, but crazy memories it gives

Helping us reexplore our very own being

Diving deeper within our unconscious levels

Reassemnling and refixing to birthday arrival position


The company one keeps, matters immensely 

If people around are fun to be with

Vacations are a whole new thrill to keep

Laughter, smiles and giggles all around

Helps us to theories of happiness expound 



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