The thought of you alone, only a spirit no physical mechanisms to communicate although I suppose you thought that through?

Maybe you were born knowing and it was your purpose a secret between God and you 


Maybe you tried so hard to ignore the pain 

Scared of your thoughts fears of insane

Did you know something that no-one else did 

Had this planned since you were a kid ?

You knew you were loved surely 

You loved back and expanded it purely 

Clearly suffering you generously gave

Like you were on a mission to save 


You forgot about you and your own mental health 

You forgotten to save yourself  

You did so much for others

Your family your brothers 


They miss you like mad you know

Maybe their comfort is that you chose to go 


Or was this you crying for help and went wrong 

Listening for clues song after song

Maybe just Maybe there's so much more to it

Left questions unanswered like "why did he do it"

Your special authentic soul in paradise has landed 

Maybe you could let them know you're not stranded 

Be free my friend spread your wings 

Somewhere up there an angel he sings 

loss of lifemaybesudden deathsuicide




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