Outfoxing the furies

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A wise fool once said, before he was dead:
Fluid the medium by which we desire, 
Heavy the limits to which we aspire.         
Lift yourselves free on the wings of a dove 
To practise perfection by drinking his blood
This illusion of earth is splintering fast      
We grab at the air, as we fall at the last:
Witchery, Witan, Wicca and Wizard 
Pursuing the furies is why we are feared.
Opening spaces and stretching out time     
In a flurry of words, a congregation of rhyme.
LSD , can open your minds           
Walk through the air, never a glance behind.
Sublimity scares like the darkness of night:
In this cauldron of water, fire, earth and air 
See! silent assassins lurking every fucking where. 


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New Shoes

Mon 5th Apr 2021 06:11

Your poems and videos bring some magic and warmth. I enjoy them. Thanks!


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