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When the day has grown still

And the sun slowly dipped

below the horizon

Darkness can then descend

To lay a blanket across the night


Silence settles softly upon the day

Falling with the lightness of snow

Filling the gaps in conversation

Bringing its own peace to the world


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Nostalgia is:

Lingering in a warm bath of memories

Feeling the past slowly trickle back into the soul

Arriving at a place inhabited by those,

Whom fate has decreed, to have become strangers

Revisiting what is normally out of time, out of reach

Luxuriating in the nearness and warmth of remembered love  


Nostalgia is family, wrapped in soft shades of familiari...

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By the Light of the Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon was up, the skies clear and chilled

Deep in the woods that January night

There was snow on the ground and spirits abroad

Low down in the vegetation, pairs of eyes looked out, glowing

A gaunt figure moved forward, his dark cape billowing out

Tall trees parted their bare branches to allow his passage

Underfoot, twigs snapped and leaves crackled as he walked


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New Year's Day Tanka

Skies wear warm pastels

Pinks, blues, shot through with honey

Pale grey clouds drift by

The colours carry promise

Hope for the New Year

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The Quiet Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas descends with a whisper

Unnoticed by shoppers and revellers

To sprinkle a little of its magic dust

Which settles into the spaces left between

Food piled in kitchens; parcels tucked under trees

Deflated decorations; precious hopes and dreams


On Christmas Eve children in pyjamas, wait longingly

Peering through bedroom windows

Hoping to glimpse Sa...

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The Turn of the Year

The Midwinter Solstice

Meets with the year

At its darkest

When ready to turn 

Towards the light


Dawn rises, bringing

Colours with the promise of summer

Luscious scarlet strawberries

Plump purple blackberries

Coated with snow white cream

Drizzled with burnished honey


In the dark days of winter

Beside the warm hearth

The air fills with memories


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Midwinter Mistletoe

Midwinter Mistletoe

Tenaciously grasping the bough, your host

Pollinated by the generous Mistle Thrush

A seed germinating in the bark, waits a year long

For pale green, tender young shoots to appear


Forceful evergreen twigs, with fleshy stems

Weave a dense, tangled, peridot sphere

Vigorous leaves decorated with berries

As fine as waxy white pearls


Branches onc...

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The Woods in Midwinter

The Woods in Midwinter

December, the darkest of winter months

Cold air bites, as the Midwinter Solstice approaches

From the North, a wild Arctic wind, howls through the trees

Their skeletal limbs now made bare, of any late, lingering leaves

Shaking to the ground; twigs, acorns and fragile nests


The night sky is clear, lighting a path through the woods

Stars shine down, th...

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Dark December Days

The winter day dawns cold, dark and wet

A low mist blankets the fields

There is little to tempt the sleepy

From their snug beds

Into this unwelcoming, inclement world


Around the house stalks an angry wind

Which roars and howls as it journeys

Ripping, raging and pounding

Mournfully sighing; while an insistent

Rain lashes wildly, at window panes

Beating against ca...

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The Wise Oak - A Celebratory Haiku

The Wise Oak


A tender acorn

Embedded into the ground

To grow through the years


The young sturdy oak

Giver of shelter, life, air

A refuge and home


Crowning the forest

Most knowing of the ancients

I celebrate you

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A Golden Autumn Shower

Each shower of autumn leaves

cast softly down

Is a memory of the warmth

left behind

By a forgotten summer day

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The Tower in the Woods

Within the attics of an old tower

Built of ancient bricks

Coated in strands of fibrous ivy

Set deep within the forest

Away from the eyes of mankind

Is a room of the palest marble

Where a young woman

Dressed in a green velvet gown

Sits close to a window and sighs


The room is lined with fragile books,

Silken fabrics and precious memories

Many years have passed b...

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There is a time

When the air comes alive

Filled with a charge, an energy

A startling newness

It is this that electrifies

And drives us forwards

To make progress, to grow again

Then we know that the time has come

For change and to move on

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Haunted by Passchendaele

Haunted by Passchendaele

In France, at the height of the horror

He had taken two days to climb out of a shell-hole

Leaving his former self, lying in the mud

To return home a mere shadow

Wearing his clothes as a costume

As he masqueraded through what remained of his life

On the 11th November I always remember my Great Uncle Frederick, who died on the battlefield in 1916, my Gre...

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Deep In the Forest

Deep in the forest

Silent of traffic, hidden from life

Where the light is soft and misty

The ground thick with layers of the past


Cobwebs, jewelled with dew, glisten

Caught in the early morning sunlight

Creatures move slowly through the undergrowth

All part of an ever-changing world


Groups of ancient trees, stand tall, stately

Their bark, thickly coated with m...

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All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve


On All Hallows’ Eve

When the bewitching hour falls

And darkness descends

From out of the shadows

Something slowly stirs

The slightest movement, flicker, twitch

Seen from the corner of your eye

Shapes emerging, cloaked in mystery

Gliding along ancient pathways

Gaunt, swaying spectres

Shrouded in mist

Carrying their stories and sadness


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Following a time of quiet

Sweet music was heard

Filling the air

So that once heavy hearts

Were lifted again

Ready to rise up, leaving

The old world behind

Turning away from the past

Sailing through the air

Meeting the moon and the stars

To then become part of a new world

For completion

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The Loss of Summer

September carries with it

The last hopes of summer

Sharing out its meagre heat

Allowing colourful blooms

A final late flowering

Then, when it can continue no more

A chill descends, lamps are lit early

Fires glow in the hearth

And we retreat indoors once more

Peering out, missing summer days, when

Soft fragrant blossoms cheered us

Fruit grew plump on the stem or vin...

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While Evil Walks

As evening draws its curtain across the sky

Darkness settles softly upon the streets

When all has grown quiet

A lone figure travels abroad

Fear; the most unwelcome of companions

Follows closely behind women

As they journey alone

While hastening towards home

To safety, security and comfort

They must remain ever mindful and alert

Listening, attentive, watchful

For s...

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After the Rain

After the Rain


The autumn air is filled with dampness

In the woods, the ground is wet underfoot

Leaves hang low with the weight of raindrops, from

Bedraggled branches, shaken by the overnight storm

Dew drops, drip slowly from each leaf


Hedgerows wear a lattice of tangled vines

Twigs lie broken, scattered upon the ground

Ditches burst forth with cloudy brackish wa...

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The Box of Letters

The Box of Letters

Pale blue airmail letters

Fragile, folded

Ink now faded

Written in a child's hand

Messages of love

Sent across the seas

To a father

Many miles away

Missed every day

Longed for at Home

Sadly, now on that final voyage

Still loved, still missed

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Floating Leaf Haiku

Floating Leaf Haiku

A lone leaf floats down

Spiralling as it descends

Gliding onto earth

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My beginnings are frantic and fraught

Ideas wild, untamed, unexplored

Fretted over, juggled and wrestled with

Battles with words, structure, themes

Wrangled, squeezed, changed

Trampled, shaped, honed

Polished, preened and shuffled

Finally caught and found right

From the wilderness finally emerges

Something which pleases

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So many days, grey

Unimaginative, dull

Days that lack point

Days devoid of inspiration

Until looking up

I see the sky

Filled with so many shades of grey

But beyond their dullness

I see the sun

Lifting the grey

Turning it to silver

Making it quite beautiful!

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The Shopping List

A curl of paper

Placed on our scrubbed pine table

A hurriedly assembled

List of necessities

For comfort

And some structure

On days when I am lost

Drifting, unanchored

Thread to sew on a button

Polish, for appearance sake

(Can't show how I'm feeling)

A Sunday lunch

Of chicken, salad

Apple crumble

Trying to hold my life together

When each day it's


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From The Silence

From the Silence


In the pale darkness of a summer night

When all is quiet around me

In the silence, I begin to hear

And to know where I belong

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Wish You Were Here

The harbour here is timeless

Built out of grey rock

Solid beneath my feet

I can be at peace, quite contented

Listening to the sounds of the shore

The air above me filled with gulls

Together they circle, swoop

Dive down for scraps of fish

Then fly upwards to the clouds


My usual world so far away now

Stress slowly melting, to be left far behind

I feel free, my...

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Summer Is

Summer is…

An early morning sunrise

Pale light creeping in

Through net-covered windows

Quiet stillness at the start of the day

Blossoms, nodding on fragile stems

Golden corn swaying in a light breeze

Children's laughter as they play on the green

Bees and butterflies

Days which stretch out endlessly


A time when storm clouds gather

When the air fills with forebo...

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Warm Wind-Tumbled Words

A summer breeze sighs

Releasing sultry mid-day heat

Smells linger on in warm air

Mild currents gently move low branches

Which reach down and slowly wind the air

Dry leaves tumble

To scatter in drifts below

On a parched ground

Flowers swelter in their neat dry beds

To then wilt and buckle on weary stems


As the day lengthens

The weight of the heat

Grows lang...

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The Wild Strawberry Plant

A thing of neat hidden beauty

Tucked snugly down in the hedgerow

Rich lime green foliage, brushing against the verge

Shading delicate plump fruits

Scattered like drops of ruby tears

Hanging softly in a cascade

A chandelier of bright trefoil leaves

Exquisitely contrasting with the rosy strawberries

Sweetest of summer fruits

Which melt slowly on the tongue

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The Answer Lies Within

When life is difficult

                               Look inside yourself

For the answer to your question

                               You know more than you could possibly imagine

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The Power of Nature

Even when no one is listening

The birds will sing

Raise their wings

Beat them noisily

Against the air

Rise up and fly

And so, might we

Continue to sing

Continue to fly

Even when no one is listening



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For Father's Day

Twenty six years gone

Twenty six years missed

Memories endure

As does the ghost of your love

I feel it like a shawl

Draped around my shoulders

Keeping me warm and safe for eternity

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The Damselfly

A damselfly descends onto my book

Her wings open and shiver

She rises, to then hover majestically

Colours of iridescent green and aquamarine

Shimmer brightly in the sunshine

Moving softly, delicately, as an eyelash

Might briefly curtain an eye

Her wings casting shadows below

Fleetingly she remains nearby

For a moment of shared intimacy

To then pass swiftly and gently ...

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Boats on the Stour

Boats on the Stour

Set in the afternoon light

A high tide

Its reflections deep

And of pale azure blue

Infused with peach-blossom pink

Gifted by an early sunset

All around is still

The air heavy

A moment in time, Paused

Now become a memory

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Distracted by Sadness

The body

Is made of curves


It has corners

Tucked inside each one


A sorrow

Fresh, old, unresolved

Each one weighing

The bearer down

Each one

A burden


Lift sadness and sorrow

By listening

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Waiting in Sadness

Waiting in sadness
Wearing a shawl of loss
Wakeful in the dark night
Quietly being, listening

In the still silence
Ungrounded, floating
Part of the world
Dwarfed by its enormity


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Early Summer Morning

White wooden casements thrown wide

Let in freshened morning air

The slightest of breezes, softly

Moving light summer curtains

Creating a pattern of shifting shadows

Across pale oak, wooden floorboards

Carrying in the fragrant smell of dew

And the delicate, aromatic white star jasmine

Its exotic heady perfume filling the room

With the creamy warmth of sweet vanilla


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A Sea of Bright Stars

Strewn across the shady woodland

A sea of silver-white anemones

Each pale flower tucked within a snug nest

Set against sap green, musk scented leaves

Standing proud, above rosette-fashioned foliage

Gently tilting its star-like, thimbleweed head

At each sunrise growing brighter, as soft light

Penetrates delicate, diaphanous petals

Which tremble, twinkle, sparkle and shine


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April Pink Super Moon

On the day of the April Pink full moon

Named for the moss pink flower

As the night lengthens

The moon’s glow will grow stronger

The sky will fill with brightness

Drenching the earth with light

Heralding the coming of spring

Moving the seasons onwards

Harmonising the earth

With the phases of the moon


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April - When the Earth Wakens

April arrives bearing the coldest of winds

Cutting a cruel swathe across the land

Leaving early morning trails of

Frosted silver filigree

Bruising blossoms and buds

Which newly opened, tremble

Along the branch

Life begins, tender, frail, new


April, the month for growth

Named from the Latin, aperire

Charged with opening the season

Sacred to the Goddess Venus


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The Pulse of Life Remembered

On a side table

Where the sun pauses

During each afternoon

I will place a bowl of roses

In remembrance of you

Their petals as soft

As the dew in the morning

When first it kisses the day

As each petal lightly falls

Brushing against the

Warmed wood

I will feel the pulse of your life

And think of you with love

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Tears in the Time of Covid

You come unbidden into my life

An unwanted house-guest

Arriving without invitation


Silent tears, now so often just a breath away

Creeping in, unseen from beyond the darkness

Wrapping my shoulders with hollow grief


Inhabiting the edges of my days

Nurturing melancholy, the friend of tears

An unwelcome companion, who remains too long


Stirred by some imprint, ...

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The Day of the Dandelion Clocks


one day, nature became Angry

the earth Cracked and Spewed out Larva

the seas Raged and Roared

the clouds Blew away

it was a time so Awful

that time itself Stopped….


wind-driven Dandelion seeds, white fluffy parachutes

carried through the air on a fresh fragrant Breeze

seed florets planted to become delicate dandelion Clocks

each one set into Fertile ground


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A Sunset of Blushing Pink

Twilight skies - infused with the palest rose
Edge the horizon
Where soft white clouds - stained clotted cream
Rest on a collar of flax flower blue

Evening slowly draws in - quietened air grows still
Birds ascend to roost
Where small blossoms close against the day
Darkness descends - to draw a curtain across what has been


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The First Stirrings of Spring


When the darkest days of winter

Draw grudgingly to a close

When snows and frosts disperse

Warmth spreads slowly through the earth

Woodlands and hedgerows awaken

From the deepest of slumbers


Beneath a heavy cloak of

Decaying late autumn leaves

New life begins to stir

Seeds move in the now fertile soil

Dark brown wrinkled foliage

Turns away from the sun


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The Hollow Wind

The Hollow Wind


at 3am

winter streets

are dark

empty, silent

but for

the hollow wind

which blows, howling

carving out

a tunnel, with

its breath

to carry

the bitter

snow chilled


on its journey


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February Snow

February Snow


In the harsh halo of a street light


glows dandelion yellow


Flakes dance in its beam

While streets wait

under a quilt of quiet white


The heavy snow plough glides

Its wheels

singing as they turn

Flicking up a spray

of fine drops


The world is slow to wake

Windows and doors stiff

With damp and the burden

of a bolster o...

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