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The Pulse of Life Remembered

On a side table

Where the sun pauses

During each afternoon

I will place a bowl of roses

In remembrance of you

Their petals as soft

As the dew in the morning

When first it kisses the day

As each petal lightly falls

Brushing against the

Warmed wood

I will feel the pulse of your life

And think of you with love

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Tears in the Time of Covid

You come unbidden into my life

An unwanted house-guest

Arriving without invitation


Silent tears, now so often just a breath away

Creeping in, unseen from beyond the darkness

Wrapping my shoulders with hollow grief


Inhabiting the edges of my days

Nurturing melancholy, the friend of tears

An unwelcome companion, who remains too long


Stirred by some imprint, ...

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The Day of the Dandelion Clocks


one day, nature became Angry

the earth Cracked and Spewed out Larva

the seas Raged and Roared

the clouds Blew away

it was a time so Awful

that time itself Stopped….


wind-driven Dandelion seeds, white fluffy parachutes

carried through the air on a fresh fragrant Breeze

seed florets planted to become delicate dandelion Clocks

each one set into Fertile ground


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A Sunset of Blushing Pink

Twilight skies - infused with the palest rose
Edge the horizon
Where soft white clouds - stained clotted cream
Rest on a collar of flax flower blue

Evening slowly draws in - quietened air grows still
Birds ascend to roost
Where small blossoms close against the day
Darkness descends - to draw a curtain across what has been


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The First Stirrings of Spring


When the darkest days of winter

Draw grudgingly to a close

When snows and frosts disperse

Warmth spreads slowly through the earth

Woodlands and hedgerows awaken

From the deepest of slumbers


Beneath a heavy cloak of

Decaying late autumn leaves

New life begins to stir

Seeds move in the now fertile soil

Dark brown wrinkled foliage

Turns away from the sun


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The Hollow Wind

The Hollow Wind


at 3am

winter streets

are dark

empty, silent

but for

the hollow wind

which blows, howling

carving out

a tunnel, with

its breath

to carry

the bitter

snow chilled


on its journey


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February Snow

February Snow


In the harsh halo of a street light


glows dandelion yellow


Flakes dance in its beam

While streets wait

under a quilt of quiet white


The heavy snow plough glides

Its wheels

singing as they turn

Flicking up a spray

of fine drops


The world is slow to wake

Windows and doors stiff

With damp and the burden

of a bolster o...

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