Blood Sport

Left out to dry

The vacuum of your disposition siphoned the blood from my heart

Skin and bone fractured from the start

Rendered as an eternal distraction

Sleep well tonight my dear Marigold 

For I have no sword to spare

You have wielded mine to inflict mortal damage

Bleeding out slowly to the psalm of your artificial tongue

Eyes of manipulation and mutilation

Succeeding ...

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The love you want

The days seem longer

Dragging my burlap sack of grief through the mud

Screaming into an emotional abyss

I blindly continue this unforgiving journey

Not knowing where my next step will lead me

Relinquish me of this affliction

Why should the weight of another persons inhibitions sink me to the depths of the Mariana’s Trench?

For when I gaze towards the light, only darkness se...

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Writers block

The hardest part is turning life’s pages

Gazing at an empty canvas of uncertainty

Failing to form words of solace and structure

We always know where to end

But how do we know where to begin



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Rain graciously descending from the clouds of elation

Colliding against cracked window panes

Streaking downwards, like tears rolling off a innocent cheek  

Fallen to your knees

Those which came before reside forever in our construct

Rain down on me

Watering the soil, where the past meets our home at last


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Where did we go wrong?

Grasping onto all that’s left

Palms filled with elation

Watching as the sand pours through my nimble fingers

This was designed to last for years

How did we get here?


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Driven to distraction

No glancing back

Eaten alive from the inside out

What have you done to my heart?

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Dancing with the devil

Dancing with the devil is audacious

Unknowingly stepping to the beat of my fate

A masquerade sponsored by fallacy and infidelity

Standing upon the shattered champagne glasses of my trust

Penetrating the soles of my oxfords as I continue this dance

Though I can no longer hold a glass, I bear the trust where I walk, through streets or through grass.

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Holding onto me
Your thorns pierce my side
Accepting my fate 
Serpent tongue of lust and manipulation
A soul breached from the words which left your mouth 
A heart broken from the actions of your loyalty
Shattered glass of trust trails your every move
Barefoot I walk upon your path until I perish
Bloody and scared indefinitely 
Lead me upon your path of glass shards
I shall solely walk f...

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