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the problem

the solution 

the unconditional 

the painful 

the motivation

the disintegration 

the tomorrow 

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Unwritten pages have immense potential

Never leave your pages blank 

Never let someone else write your pages

Be not embarrassed 

As the universe has no opinion

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Finding yourself 




Gaze upon free will 

The ability to sustain 

Let your presence be made

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North & south

Our eyes are magnets

May our two poles meet

Time stops

Staring into each heart

Fragile but elegant 

Let’s throw it all in

Nothing to lose

Intertwined in love 

Forever together

Always remember 

Love is the beginning and end

Let your heart speak to the wind

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Time is like the wind 

You can’t see it

It’s subtle at times

But also unforgiving 

It is here

It is not 

Wind carries boats across vast oceans 

It allows kites to fly the highest of highs

And the lowest of lows

Wind is free flowing 

Infinite progression 

While we see the regression 

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Blind death

There is no reciprocation 

Only self defamation 

Looking into a mirror 

Failure runs down your cheeks

Pity fogs your complexion

Pain can’t be seen 

Hiding behind ones eyes

A silence so deadly 

But yet so friendly 

If you’re not willing to dig to reach my emotions

How are you willing to bury me?

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The undertow

Tangled with sorrow 

Mellowed with self pity

An endless knot 

With no purpose in sight 

An no viable option

Cut the knots 

An Irreversible consequence

A state of infinity

Just know 

There is always a way 

To create a new destiny

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Find comfort in these words

As they are immortal 

Seek not to please others 

Until you are pleased yourself 

You can’t build someone’s house

If your foundation hasn’t been laid 

Level out your foundation 

Add more concrete 

Erect supporting beams

A house built too quickly will be prone to fall

 A house built with detail and diligence 

Will withstand the toughest of...

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Beauty in tragedy

The reason people appreciate the beauty of life

Is because life itself is a tragedy

The suffering allows us to admire that which is not

Is that not the eternal cost for beauty


And is that not the eternal cost of tragedy


The worst part about life is death 

The best part about death is life

These two events are connected

To experience only the beginning 


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The current rushing past 

It all looks like seamless glass

Fight against the fucking current 

Never bow down 

Swim until you can no longer 

Don’t let life wash you away

Give a fighting chance 

The water may be strong 

But find that rock 

And let that be the reason you’re here tomorrow 


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Here and now

Challenging to eradicate 

Continually a burden 

Mental weight 

Release your thoughts

Embrace the insignificance of life

One who focuses merely on the future 

Will never be able to live for the now

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Sea and Fire

Your heart and emotions outweigh one another

The imperfect balance 

So frustrating 

Yet so beautiful 

If your hearts always full 

It will be proned to exude

If the authority of your emotions is inflated

It will be susceptible to punctures

There is nor right or wrong 

We must carry on

As time is an omen
Between start and end 

The book is left open


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Alpha Omega

Tattered and broken 

Hopelessness resides within

Forgetting the simplicity of life

The significance of your breath 

Or the sound of the wind 

Come back to your senses 

Let life take you

Through the troughs and peaks

Change is the only constant 

For we all weep

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Celestial figures dance amongst the gods

Carelessly beautiful

Energy seeps into the void

Saturating the canvas above 

Brilliant, yet so small

What significance do we bring?

When it’s our turn to call

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Jaws of love

The nights shadows conceal your virtue 

Black and white 

Between lines

 Amidst ourselves

Novo amor 

Intertwined in manifestation 

Soul and flesh harmonize 

Atomically in sync 

Let us not forget 

Love allows us to see


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Amateur Blood

Give your love 

The most vital offering

Though it may not be reciprocated 

What matters is that you loved 

Never let anyone strip your emotions

As they are the embodiment of all that is you

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In this paracosmic second , you the reader are breathing. Your lungs contract and fill up with air multiple times a minute. 

The grass dances in the wind, 

Sounds of a crying child fill the air 

Dogs play about trampling across the lush green field

A  cathedral fills the backdrop of bustling park

Hundred year old trees stand colossal over the insignificant civilisation 

An a...

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Passing through

Time and space meet at one place

only for us to go our separate ways

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I don’t understand 

All I want to do is show my heart 

But I am unable to

The chains that bind me 

Forever and always 

Are controlled by those I deem worthy 

Just once , 

I want to free my heart 

Give it my all 

And catch you when you fall


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Deep End

The deep blue 

Scavenging the ocean floor for light 

You can't escape

And you tell yourself this

The light is their 

Swim up if you will

I don't want to see you fall ill


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Stranded on this figmentation of reality 

Deciding between light and dark

Overshadowed by our failures 

Head kept afloat by all that is good

In the arms of the great abyss 

You have two options 

To give oneself up

or to tread the seamless glass



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With your pursed lips 

Elegant smile

Make my heart race a mile 

The awkwardness makes me blush

For one 

You’ve always been my crush


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Dream a dream

My dreams are vivid

My dreams are tangible 

My dreams only work for the here and now

or you will be left without any at all


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Keep pushing kid.. The end is near . The long felt drought will cease and flowers will bloom with the help of great rain. I have already seen what it’s like to have nothing around me in this desert . My mother has always told me to just be myself and someone will love you. I never took it personally back then. Today I embrace the way I am . My quirks are my biggest attractions . I am forever thank...

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