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Book of Life

Have you ever thought of life as a book?

Initially you start out slow

Experiencing your first steps as the main character

Striving to unravel the mysteries betwixted within the bindings

Gathering contextual clues introduced as each page is tenderly turned

Unfolding the framework of our existence upon pages that were formerly empty

With a great understanding of the plot among us


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Your happiness cannot be measured when you are around others

One’s happiness can only be measured when alone

Detaching yourself, perhaps from a distorted lifestyle of what seems true

Clearing your thoughts of all external influences

Perched from an outward perspective

You seem to find answers looking inward

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Live a life knowing that mistakes are apart of the process

We just have to live past those mistakes

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Blood Sport


If you are ever feeling lost, remember that life itself is a jungle.

Vast and unending.

Everything is bound to kill you.

Life gets humid from time to time.

Sweat constantly rushing down your creased forehead.

The pain of your soles treading through the forestry.

As you observe your surroundings, the same landmarks present themselves.

Internal thoughts of misery and confu...

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Euphoric interventions upon your soulful presence

Cradled between the wisdom of my words

Providing a bed of console and a blanket of assurance

Observing the cadence of your breathing

Yearning each moment as it elapses

Tenderly caressing my fingers of nurture through the mane of my lioness

An independent being of driven fortitude and fierce dispositions

Peacefully resting upon ...

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An oasis of love

Your love is that of rain

The roots of my heart quenching your vital sustenance

Once a desert of oblivion

A single acacia stood limber

Dry rot infesting the trunk of my disposition

Birds vacant upon the branches of my shoulders

Continuous mental sandstorms battering my bark

Peeling away, exposed to the elemental destruction of the sun

Desolate lumber for which I had embodie...

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