A Mortal Moment

A Mortal Moment


My eyes still see clearly now

despite my advanced years

Beauty I see and gaze upon

but no longer touch or embrace

Desire has taken its course

its energy has slowly abated

My joys and interests remain

which I savour and partake of

The past has a haunting quality

at which I glance or wince

Drops of embarrassment fall

on salacious appetites of yesteryear

I am increasingly content

far less anxious than before

I have become a pragmatic soul

with clarity of thought and reason

All is transitory as I am transitory

when called I shall be here no more

Simply a fading memory

which weaves a thread in life's tapestry

Place no great value on being here

time spent will soon become dust

as to dust we shall all return

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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Apr 2021 13:26

Thank you to Stephen G., MC., and Martin for your comments and also thank you to Philipos, Aviva and Holden for your likes


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 7th Apr 2021 17:51

A beautiful poem.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 7th Apr 2021 12:11

Reflective and rewarding. Time is but a series of moments - to be
approached, accepted and assessed according to our own way of
dealing with life and what is offers (or does not, of course)..

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Martin Elder

Tue 6th Apr 2021 22:15

be assured you won't be forgotten my friend. Certainly not with such marvellous poetry. Fabulous Keith

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