rambling through
        took a walk
         surprised by the sight
         of ancient mossy forests tangled
          with hotly-contested questions
          as to where the path began
           or ended, or diverged, or
           whether there was a path,
          and if it has a gender, or
          if gender was merely
         a social construct without
         any bridge over
          swampy marsh
           since stuck my foot up
            to the knee in oozing
            incorrectness --steering
             some to fall headlong
            because never trust
           a tenderfoot with all-fired
         matters of the heart




not sure where i was going with this

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Brian Hodgkinson

Tue 13th Apr 2021 02:34

Thank you, Tom, Stephen, Ghazala, Aviva, and Holden for your likes.

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Brian Hodgkinson

Sun 11th Apr 2021 15:15

Thank you, Ghazali for your comment. Yes, sometimes the questions are more important than the answers.?

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Ghazala lari

Sun 11th Apr 2021 03:01

Paths are obscured And so is the journey. Searching and waiting is never ending . Tangled and entangled mesh of thoughts, desires, emotions and feelings. Untying a knot one by one, still the knots remaining. Will there be a path ever, a destination and a soulmate to meet? Unanswered queries piercing through the brain.
I like the tanglewood?

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