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On hearing the latest study from RHS on how effective gardening is for boosting your physical & mental health....


A boost for the body

A balm for the soul

Go grab your shovel

Take up your trowl

Dig up your past

Remove all the weeds

Moving on fast

By planting new seeds

Reach for the sun

As you grow 

Your success

New life has begun

A gardener is blessed



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John Coopey

Mon 26th Apr 2021 20:22

The best time of year for the garden, in my view. I've got my taties in.
"Haulms up! Taties, haulms up!
Gimme your haulms, gimme gimme your haulms!"

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 26th Apr 2021 19:19

Many Thanks to M C Newberry, Brenda and Jordyn for the likes.

M.C I can almost hear you singing your poem there!

Brenda I'm glad you enjoyed my poem, good to hear you've been winning the wars in your garden!😀

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Brenda Wells

Mon 26th Apr 2021 18:47

Beautifully captured and so true. I have spent more time doing battle in my garden this year then I usually do and feel glad for having done so.
Thank you for sharing these sentiments in such a positive way. It is interesting how one can remove all manner of weeds, from the garden and one's past, when battling in the flower bed.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 26th Apr 2021 16:23

Good! My elder sister in Devon would certainly agree.
The joy of a garden is timeless, and has been celebrated in poetry
for centuries here in England. To borrow from the brilliance of
W.S Gilbert in a lighter vein:
The flowers that bloom in the spring tra-la
Bring promise of merry sunshine
As we merrily dance and we sing tra-la
And welcome the hope that they bring tra-la
Of a summer of roses and wine.....
Of a summer of roses and wine.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 26th Apr 2021 15:33

Thanks so much for your comments & likes Keith and Aviva.

Aviva I ❤ your poem Thanks for sharing it here🙏

Keith I bet you get a lot of inspiration for your poetry from spending time in your garden☺

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keith jeffries

Mon 26th Apr 2021 15:22

What a joyful poem, full of enthusiasm and hope and so well rhymed.
This really cheered me up as I have spent most of this morning busily engaged in my gardens.
Thank you for this.


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 26th Apr 2021 14:01

Oh but for the worms and the bugs and the ants
and the bees and the wasps and the flies and the gnats;
Oh but for the beetles, the spiders, the grubs,
But for them all, my health stood a chance.

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