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Invisible Emotions

Fake smiles are hidden 

Behind bright lights.

The glare overshadows

The hidden sentiments

Binding us to the world.


Chasing butterflies

Counting stars

Are what struck

A possible accord

Leading to a break 

In the midst of this bright light


Overpowered by a dark nature

It stabs into the world 


Never isolated just lacking 

A new appro...

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Conditional Love

A fire so passionate

Burns bright within

The paired souls 

Craving an embrace 

So pure yet tainted by desire.


Like a tide

It flows beautifully

Encompassing the world 

That they breathe in

Neither grasping the end.


Eventually letting go,

The words,

*“Mi Amor Eterno.

Lo Siento.”*

Are alone resounded

As the two disperse.


 *My eternal love...

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Umbrella Souls

Flickering lights

And heavy droplets

Rain down on

This umbrella world.


Creating a sequence

To claim the naked souls

Of those trying to escape reality.


Standing in the stillness

We switch to a beautiful nightmare

Awaiting us beyond

The wall we’ve shaped.


Shooting stars

No longer hold true

To the wishes, we’ve made.


Keeping our distance


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A Torrid Love Affair

Waves of smoke fill the air

Like a blanket 

Covering the bed.


It flows in unison

Oblivious of its surroundings

Slaughtering the weak and bare.


Latent offspring of the fire it emerges

Cascading an emotion

Too dreadful to compare.


Crazy how one feels

When writing about a love affair.

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A Silent Expiration (Borrowed Emotions from a Ringmasters Perspective)

Cover the mirrors 

Open the windows

Let the mourners in

Through the front door.


Gather around a wooden box

To witness an act

Played by a dead corpse


A tear here and a tear there

Enough to fill a bowl

To water the parched air.


Life is just a circular affair

Never eternal 

But not the end.

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borrowed emotionsdeathfunerallife and death

Wavered Paths

We pause, replay

No words to say

The light is no longer shinning


Keep up, no doubt

We keep running away

No destination comes to play.


Create, don’t stop

There always is another way

Reach for the line 

Don’t let go

Let others dissipate.

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A Dream Game (Poem)

Dreams of uncertainty

Light up the unsuspecting mind

Floating through the abyss

Needing to be fed by the void inside.


Forming a strange pattern

The illusion once affixed

Veers through the twisted labyrinth

Setting a stage for the hopeful to fall all over.


The heat felt is roused

By this fleeting moment

Mistaking it to be existent

Till it plunges us into a...

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broken dreamsdreamshopehopelessunrequited expectationsunrequited love

A Crimson Trap

The bright red dress

Fits perfectly with 

The blood soaked wine 

On the cherry red table


Like a perfectly tied bow 

It comes together 

To form a union 

Unique to the wearer


Standing in stillness

A melting pleasure emerges

As the sun stares down

With a perverted gaze


Setting this crimson 

Tinted world

Ablaze once more.

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A Warm Miracle

A passionate embrace

A radiant presence

Seem to swell up 

This frigid hell


The apricity felt

covers this cold void 

Conceived by 

the sweet grip of mortality.


Ephemeral pleasures desired 

stands to succumb to sanity

as more welcome this need 

for a warm miracle.

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A Phoenix Reborn

Orange skies reflect 

A beautiful Constance

Deepening as the round ball 

Sinks deeper and deeper into the blue ocean


Like an enigmatic phenomena

It changes colors

Creating an eclipse 

With latent desires to feel alive again


The sound of sirens blare

Overtaking this beautiful silence 

Forging a woeful existence

Unsure of the light absent in its midst



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If I could go back in time

To the day we met,

Would I rewind it so,

That we would never meet?


Would that truly make

A difference in how I feel

Would I regret not experiencing

My life with you


Every moment felt like

A drop in the ocean

Beautiful and pure

Mixing with the waves

That comes crashing

Into the shore.


The wind feels different


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Burning Warmth

A match lit

Makes its presence known

By both its burning light

And the sound it emulates


This burning presence

Creates a kind of warmth

That keeps growing

 Till the wind blows it

All to smoke


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Beauty Sleep

The squares on the floor are forming a box

Trapping me in with no door.


I feel the water gushing in

Rising, drowning me from within 


I see no way out 

Just a voice, I hear, calling me from the other side


It grows louder and LOUDER

Until I see a small crack on the wall

Asking me to hold on 

Just for a little longer.


The diming light now grows bright...

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A Running Notion

Thoughts running through my mind

Nitpicking every word passing by

Not sure if it's worth considering

But I'm trying.


Not everything is perfect

No one is perfect.

Everyone is just trying to play a game of life.


Missing pieces now seem hard to remember

All those old memories have lost its humour.

No point in going way back when.

Not sure if it's worth consider...

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A Frozen Warmth

Green and tall like a tree

 I saw a stranger

Waiting for me


His eyes glowed 

A fiery ember

So fierce yet slowed

By a timeless slumber.


He moved across the room

Step by step he made his move

Like a man who was trapped in a tomb


He reached out his hands

To clasp the lacking warmth he desired

Only to feel an icy embrace of the unknown.

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A walk through history
A change in the air
The colours fade 
Creating a saturated affair

The clouds overhead boom
Preparing us for the oncoming slaughter
Between heaven and hell

The world stands still 
Praying for a swift victory
Of whomever might be listening.

The roars sounded 
Feels like ecstasy  
To the onlookers 
Who know their time is near

As the colours dissolve 
To a...

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Splitting doors and crashing walls

Create a path to a place that few can venture to

Heavenly hosts emerge

Carrying red pillows to welcome a new life.


The mood is set

People and nymphs gather

With nature singing and praising

The day goes on


Marshmallow clouds fill the sky

Forging a bond between the eternal plains

The fields and the doors merge

Leaving the ...

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Fading dreams

Time is unfolding,

The colours that seem dead come alive.

The masks are fading,

Creating a void deep inside.


The regrets that stem

From the mistakes we made

Comes to taunt us

As the music starts to fade.


Slowly, fear is taking over.

Like a scarf, it wraps itself,

Around the chaos,

That is about to unfold.


The sky is filled with solemn desire


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A new normal

Heading towards an opening.

A subtle emphasis on what is waiting,

On the other side, there is no space

Just time eating time.


A war awakens the hearts

Of those who choose to fight

For a home that may already be lost


The end seems bleak to some

But beautiful to others

As they try to find a new normal

In a forgotten world.



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Circle of Life

The Circle of life

Is like a spiral

Ever so constant and round


Each spiral

Is like a colorful gem

Different and unique

Like the person who possesses it


They mingle and move on

Like a butterfly on a flower

Never to come across the other again.


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Dead Silence


 Down by this long winding road

Into the abyss, we follow

Day and night seem to merge

They follow no pattern.


The howling moon above appears

Guiding the lost souls,

To a path unknown

Whispering secrets we know.


The shrieking lights yearn for comfort,

As we leave footprints on barren lands.

Bleeding desires cannot censor the nakedness

Of our melting b...

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A Lonely Night



Cold air seems to seep in through the windows

As night sets in

The world is asleep

Remaining undisturbed to the silent party that plays overhead


The street seems deserted

Waiting for life to take over

Just spots of white light are visible

Guiding the invisible


The chains are layered with dangling stones

As the leaves start to sway

The wind is cool ...

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Beautiful Scars!



The sky changes colour

As the beads of mystery roll

Creating a fiery ember


The scars seen in the sky

Mark a tainted glow

Bringing life to the world below


The light unveils a halo

Flawed by the pain

Tattooed in the soul


The stars overhead align

Cloaking these scars

Rendering everything beautiful again.

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Early Morning Blues


Curled up on my bed

A cup of coffee in my hand

I look out of the window

To see the sun set

What a day it has been?


Early morning blues

With a lackluster sound

Buzzing through the house

Like a lifeless corpse

Trying to get by.


A yearning for perfection

Leads to a sort of chaos

Between the soul and the mind

Unsure of where it stands.


We a...

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Hands shake,

As the feeling of fear starts to take its course

A tired mind leads to empty thoughts

And emotions that don’t exist anymore


Tears unconsciously roll down

Creating puddles where you stand

Drying up eventually

As if it didn’t exist.


There is no reprieve for someone who falls

Into the emotional rabbit hole

That has no way out

There is just ...

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