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The Final Act

The Final Act


I do not want you to stand there as if dumb

required out of a conformist etiquette to be present

I have arranged my funeral as a theatre for all

for family, friends and bystanders alike

This time within these sacred portals will stain your eternal memory

as no other farewell has or ever will

My body will be borne on the shoulders of those who I love

this ...

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Those Puppet Strings

With tight Puppet Strings, it controls me,

It's iron fists strangle all breath from my lungs 

Its ink black tendrils cover my heart and envelope my mind.

There is no escape. 


I drown with no water about,

My tears come in rivers that stream down my face

and my screams, there in no more horrible a sound. 


My heart bears the pain of a thousand knives 

and my body, no...

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Also by Kate Hubbard:

Belonging |

3 Little Pigs

entry picture

What ever happened to the 3 little pigs? Here's a little reworking for 2019

Piggy was lying

On therapist's couch

Kept re-living

When Bad Wolf

Had blown down

His house


These days

His nerves

Were all

So raw


Panic attacks


He saw

Some straw


His brother

Who built

A house

Out of sticks


Moved on

Sold his 


To ...

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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

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modern fairytale



your love takes my breath away.

I come up for air, and

your kisses breathe life,

and love, into my being.

You clinch me in your embrace:

your love takes my breath away,

smothers me with kisses,


I come up for air, yet again.

Entangled, we cling to one another,

floating on a raft of love.

We are one,


as one,


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Also by Jill Ashforth:

Inverleith Avenue | It is a Gift... |



Here where the light shows itself off

a canal turns its back on the buildings

sniffs and moves on,

draws itself into dead ends

doubles back to check bridges

its reflection, its meanderings,

spreads out to tease banks

garlanded, with tresses that tumble,

is pleased with its imperceptible flow

lays on its back in pools of sun

blends into night as dark dreams begin.

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Also by ray pool:


A Hunting We Will Go.



The Tunnel Rat is small, yet strong.

Just like the Vietcong.

He fights with a pistol and a torch.

VC have scorpions on their front porch.

The tunnels are long and narrow.

Dug out by hand, hoe and barrow.

Tunnels with their buffers and bends.

Deflect the explosives the Americans send.

Tunnel Rats have to crawl on their knees.

It’s a bit tight...

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Also by Mick Stewart:

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The stones will speak of it
through phones that unclog
static sounds – and yet for
now the images of hungry
lions leashed upon the open
cells where wait inside the
half-starved men and woman
claiming Christ the only King.
I searched the sky to see if I
could find the answer there of
mortals doomed to die in what
they saw as valiant ways to lift
their souls to prophets of their
day and...

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Also by Philipos:


My golden years

entry picture

Yes it was pleasant and amazing!

How i was so careless and naive,

And just enjoying my age, my precious times.

My innocence that i dont have to defend.


I go where i want to, I eat and play all day long;

I climbed the mountains, play in the rain;

Build a house in the bush;

Watch my favorite noontime cartoon series at four.


Listen to my grandfather's folk stories on...

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Also by meya:

Fantasy |

of a dad who never was

not as a father but 

had performed let me say and rightly so

as a sadistic pretender to that title


danced the child all the ways through false promises

to where the evil side of his nature

would be waiting for her to grow and assume her prisoner status


how she would learn to dread his waking,

his rising like an avenging fallen angel

angry to be sober

while reli...

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Returning Home from a Bike Ride on Climate Day

As it's Climate Day today

I thought they'd be more green

but the traffic on the ring road

is as bad as it's ever been


People won't give up their cars

they don't know how to cope

though I do offer a solution

to give folk a little hope


Get yourself a hoop and stick

"But wait" I hear you moan

"If I lose the little stick

how will I get home?"

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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The school run

Mini-humans converge
drawn but not defeated by routine.
So much colour,
noise -
so much future in one place
cannot be discreet.

I understand.
Quarts trapped in pint-pots!
Spirits simply too big
to fit still-growing bodies.
So much lifeforce
escaping -
temper tantrums -
excess leaking from
unfinished containers.

Later, on the tram

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childrenSchoolschool run

Sachcha moti💑

The poem will be written later. Audio available.

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Also by Ghazala Lari:

i wish!! |


I hold my crystal
my left hand it lights up
I pass it to you
your whole body lights up

every  muscle it touches it relaxes
and heals you
I know you feel it
because my heart it feels you

your body lit up with
a silver outline
the light it turns red at the base
of your spine

eliminates pain and energy
every tiny molecule
every last hair

orange from red
your pelvis sacral

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

Finlay Milo | VERA VEE | SEBASTIAN |


Love Is...


Love is a terror

it often stumps

through trial & error

and hoops we jump,

Once the fire is lit

we endure the lumps

Love still prevails

despite its bumps!


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A Hairs Breadth

Hang the sword above my cot by the single hair of a horses tale,

That even in my sleep I must beware the shadow of its blade,

Lest I forget price to pay should my endeavours fail,

As it strains at its slim tether, all that keeps its fall delayed,

And let its weight fill my mind as the second hand slices time,

Let its ever present threat weigh heavy on my soul,

Certain in the know...

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Whispering wind

Soft swathes of September wind

stroke my welcoming skin,

its warm touch offers solace

to my stationary form.

A slow slight cadence

and a flighty rhythm,

this wind it soothes me.

Eyes closed shut so tightly

that sleep begins its

slow inward stroll

to silently steal my waking world,

and deliver me to the dream domain

where the calming wind

continues to hold me ...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Morning sunrise | Thorn in her side | Turning my back | Confess |


My one true love always!!

He has a heart of gold

Kindness towards sick, needy and old

His attitude is full of gratitude

Gracious manners always viewed

A handsome young man with might and glory

Humblness soaring high in his beautiful story

I have jumped madly in love with the knight of power

Always blessed to be in his presence to get his love shower

His eyes are furiously true and full of light


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 The exile

    No matter how far

    To the other side of the moon

     if you like

    Sadness follows an exile.

    Never at ease

    Thinking of what is forsaken

    Finding it impossible

    To find the way back home.


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Yes Mr Trump

entry picture

Yes Mr Trump


With Mr Trump dismissing another staffer

there will soon be no-one left to fill the White House


What about me ?


Here is my questionnaire


Can I sit in the background and nod ? YES


Do I have a nice smile (and white teeth) ? YES


Can I make a sandwich ? YES


Do I believe everything Mr Trump says and does ? YES


It appears I'...

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entry picture

(From "Pieces of Me")



You can be anything you want, they said

Throwing falsehoods at her

Freedoms of youth

With a path yet unlived

Not even written yet


But when she tried to follow her dreams

They said slow down

Time is on your side

And knowledge only comes with age

You’ll learn


And she did learn

That time is against us all


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follow dreamslife

Florida Birthday Girl

You wake me early, with a kiss-scapade and your eyes bright like the morning light that snuck through onto my pillowcase.

You open my car door with a knowing grin, and I make ridiculous guesses, but you refuse to reveal your plans.

First, across the bridges of Jacksonville, to historic Avondale, where old-Florida gardens and old-money mansions show us their frills.

My first time at the Fox, a v...

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Also by Candice Reineke:

Sea Oats Already Know |

Atlantic BeachAvondalebirthdayFloridaJacksonvilleRiverside


With the power you claim,

you must know the peril

of our divided bloodline.


You spoke with a whisper

and tore me in two.

One’s wisdom only

extends, until they realize

they have none.


How shall a descendant

march toward the light?

Should he follow bulb or candle?


Your quarrel

has left us here to ponder.

To bare the weight

of bickering childre...

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Also by Chaz Allen:

Day 3 | Dark Matter | Courage | Climb | CHI | Celestial |


I share with you

that many have compared

my poetry to Dylan’s.

I feel the need however

to qualify that they were referring

to the former England rugby captain

Dylan Hartley.

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Also by John Coopey:


Mind bending

entry picture

Global news now!
See all about it right here!
Stories of the planet we look for...
Bizarre to see such pointless celebrity gossip instead.
These superstars are now the most important thing in life. 
What a bitter shame.
And yet....
To begin with you will feel no difference. 
Soon this commercial cancer will overtake us all.
To then believe in lies from surgical lips.
Blood supply is dead...

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Also by Harvey202020:

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Solemn Anger

I stare at these 





I no longer cry

But instead stifle




Not because you are gone



But because I am beginning 

To forget 

     What it felt like


      To have you








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Ode to Mr Jabberwoke - aka Jason Bliss

This speil was an instant response to member Jason Bliss's poem 'Lead Me Not'

Look it up 👍


Learning to Fly

My 'DragonFlyDark' was at top speed,
her wings spread out wide and full
rarely given the chance to fly,
and rarely to ever so Low!

But I caught her sharp, up on the edge,
and pulled upon her reins...
"Woah there my great black beauty"
today ...

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Also by Tui Dragonfly:

Comatose Kitty |

Ramblings of an Ambulating Mind

The rags of time

entry picture

The guttering rain of home 

Stains my memory

Longer than churches


Is it duty to devotion

Or devotion to duty that keeps

Me standing in this field of ripe poppies?

I don't know

How can we translate this chaos

Into words?

The grammar of suffering

Is indecipherable.

Lost in translation

Faith no longer floods my mind

My mind reminds me

That my veins ...

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St. Kitts and Nevis Independence Day Poem

It’s Independence Day and I have something to say,

We are proud of our history and proud of this special day!

Liamuiga (which means fertile land) was the original name,

From the Amerindians that were here before Columbus came.

“This land is called Saint Christopher,” he soon proclaimed,

“I claim this land for the Queen of Spain.”

Then the English came Led by Sir Thomas Warner,


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Οn the sleek surface of the pupil of this marble eye which pulls us down

heavy is the water trapped inside the mist

heavy the living and heavy the deceased

Heavy like Persephone's black, leaden veil and wedding gown.


This life isn't for the faint-hearted; for death isn't only for the brave.

heavy is the joy and the bliss,so fickle

heavy is the jingling silver bending sickle


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Also by Mae Foreman:

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The science of aging

Wrinkled clothes and wrinkled face

Sagging limbs and sagging mind


Sick friends bowled over

All strikes

No spares


Time pushes through the open door

The cosmic land of forgetfulness


Forgot the names

Forgot the dates

Forgot the words

Forget it


Losing all the wars

Gravitas to gravity

Wisdom to stupor

Elegance to deadpan


All dead end...

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It’s a sad state of affairs, when only memories remain.

When the future looks bleak and the present brings pain.

When the ‘seven year itch’ makes your skin crawl.

When I look at what we've got now and it’s nothing at all.

It’s a sad state of affairs but our story is nothing new.

When relationship’s break down and words are few.

Looking back it and doesn’t seem that many years ago...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Attic Night | The Death of Meredith Hunter |

What Have You Done With The Daylight?

What have you done with the daylight?
What have you done 
with all you’d waited for, so patiently
those long days of nothing
those long days of stumbling lost
between the armchair and the fridge
What have you done with the daylight?

What have you done with the daylight?
Since it came to you completely
painted so beautifully
smiling down and sunny
licking the edges of your everything

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Also by Tom:

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daylighthappinesslifemaking the most of life

Alcoholic’s Prayer


Heavenly Father


Please give me faith

That i can sober

live through a day


Please give me love that lingers

So i don’t have to drink up

the emptiness


Please give me courage

when pain and despair

push me towards the bottle 


Please give me strength

to unlock this chain


I want to show the dearest ones

how much i truly love them



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Also by Julia:

rose | Little Bird | Invitation |

autumn haiku


the birds nest -

fills with the hollowness 

of autumn

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friction | new dawn | catcher of my shadows | narcotic |

Love me just the same

If I lied

or made you cry

or didn’t try

would you still love me just the same


if you were alone

and never known

pick up the phone

and there you’ll see my name


a text

who knows what’s next?

always perplexed

every day is a new game


you say

we’re made to break

there’s no escape

I say I’ll take the blame


I dream

of you I scream


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Also by CharaOfNothing:

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Mule deer lights

entry picture

Headlamp illuminates glass, fear has passed like summer showers
Hours and hours of waiting for you, dandelions grew in pace
A face, name forgotten, incubating heartfelt goodbyes
Forever cries to the moment, forward movement, unconscious atonement
Blowing it, down and destroyed and dead, call it a solution
Solvents fluid, plastic, pollution, unscrewing the lid to the genie jar
Listed over to ...

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Room for creamer | Spoken | TinSqr | Waterboard |

Identity Crisis 3 Haiku

hiding in plain sight

will you tell them or should I?

best it comes from you


© Graham Sherwood 09/2019



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Your gates are open – Emelie,

your towers are unmanned;

across the gleaming moat I see

you wave with welcome hand.


No horses, arrows, swords or shields

for victory I need;

while bloodless stays the streets and fields -

your eyes I try to read.


But just the sound of your soft voice -

and I'm in shackles bound;

a happy slave that knows no choice,

who chains...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

Thoughts on England while abroad | In Despondency |

emelie poem chris laverty

Just for a moment...

entry picture

Just for a moment

We sit
On a cliff, on the north Somerset coast
We’re overlooking the Bristol Channel to South Wales
We eat, drink and talk
We try to work out where Cardiff, Swansea and Barry Island are
We wonder if those in Wales are doing the same
It’s easier at night, when their lights shine bright
The Sun is blazing down
Welcome but untypical for an English bank holiday
Kids are c...

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entry picture

After the party and lots of rollicking

I felt uneasy .

And some droplets of cold perspiration came

on my forehead.

I felt someone following me.

I turned back hastily.

I found nothing except my frail shadow.

Suddenly it grew larger and larger.

I could not move.

I cried for help to drag me out.

I just heard a cackle and felt a suffocation.

I woke up and found my body...

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What more ? | Indelible | Some Scars,Some Joys | Seeking Help |

Little boy

Little boy going home crying 

What is home?

The house of tortue

Tools use to break down the little boy

The smell reeks of depression

The fear of not having true salvation 

Letting the spirits of the bottle run your whole nation

Using your hands more than your brain

Letting the little boy suffer all your pain

What truly do you have to gain?

Now you let the boy turn ins...

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Also by Ever Cruz:

Joker Smile | Hope | Number 2 |

Inseparable part

entry picture

Inseparable parts

Wednesday,18th September 2019


Pain and pleasure

go together

for all human beings

and try to bring some compromise


it can't be separated

and differently related

they have their own role

to coincide with the role



may cause you strain

and maintain

mental turmoil


go by what you have

and behave

sensibly for the t...

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entry picture

She looks in the mirror;

What does she see?

Hair stained grey by the cruel hands of time;

A face lined with age, worn past its prime.


He looks at her;

What does he see?

A crown of silver upon the head of a queen;

The face of the loveliest girl he's ever seen...

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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

IRREPLACEABLE | Numero Uno | Tomorrow is far away | My bad! | BLUE | Out of my head! | Hope Springs Eternal | Call me Rhett! | Huh??? | why i like Poets |

What Happened?

A winter's evening, thick with fog,

My wife went out to walk the dog.


Ten minutes, maybe more went by,

And then arose a monstrous cry.


It split the still and silent air,

It raged and echoed everywhere,


It sounded like the sound of doom,

It made me start and pace the room,


A greater dread I've never known...

And then the dog came home alone.

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Dream Lover

In my dreams you're always there

So far away and yet so near

I see your face smiling bright

All day long I wish for night

When I can dream of you once more

And wake in the morning

Happy and sure



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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

I Missed the Bus | No More Hellos | Paying it Forward | Him | The Moors |


It's dark here and cold

but that's ok because i'm not hurting anyone anymore

I miss my family

but it's better to be here so I won't cause problems

i'm constantly messing up

i'm constantly causing problems

I miss my dog


there's nothing here

it's just me

just me

just me




sometimes I get sad

I wish I had someone to talk to

or something to...

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Also by temper:

desent |

Stupid Happy Writing

Writing makes me so silly happy

I can't help it

It just releases the right things

Making my brain 

Go baddabaddabing

I know this is stupid

But I couldn't help it

I just wrote a poem 

And it just made me feel so much better

I'm excited

There's a smile on my face

My arms are tingling

And my feet are relaxed

Something about the words

Coming out and edited


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Why You Can't Find a Master Class on Death

You can find volumes of information
On how to die, but the materials are
All prepared by interns and trainees.
The true masters on the art of dying
Have all lost interest in our struggles
With mortality and how to be shed of it.

Still, we want as much information as
Possible, so we can be prepared when
The time comes. We hang eagerly on
The words of those who nearly died,
Just so maybe...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Very Reasonable People Write The Apocalypse | Twisting the Hermenuetic Turn |

deathhappy deathnear deaththe art of dying

The Man

I see a man who has nothing

He wears a mask

I watch as he walks into an ocean of


Everyone he knows

Watching from afar

As I watch

I realize

That man is me


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Also by Daniel Amici:

Do I tell her |

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