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Holding the tide

In the waves of the ocean

There is no one else

but us and the notion

Of the birds and the whistling leaves

That crawl into the room 

Where we lay in the sheets

And I drown in the rhyme 

That you paint in my mind

Drawing a line, deep and insane, between

beauty and pain


The birds outside these ocean walls

They sing their noisy song

The pressure in my chest, i...

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I am a crime – the planet is my victim, even in my intent to save her.

Until now, I’ve had the defence of innocence – now removed in new awareness.

I care about clear-felled virgin forests, species loss, carbon release, destruction.

I eat plant material and plant based foods, plentiful and affordable.

I avoid meat and dairy, not contributing to the awful consequences.

I joined the u...

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Also by Rich:

Woops. |

Humanity without the humane

The faint strangled cry

of a separated child,

parents detached

when the need is most.

An emotional bond

smashed to smithereens,

lack of food, lack of space

lack of sleep, lack of love.


We are bringing up

traumatised infants.

What example are

we setting for our future?

Does the human

no longer exist in humanity?

Have we become our

own worst nightmar...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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B rok e n Ma son r y

entry picture

B rok e n  Ma son r y


Not for me another love

like choking fear

It will not budge

I dare not blink

for it now seems

by choosing drink

I dwell in dreams

I grind to bits

my words and teeth

when searching through

my history:

to lift above

what lay beneath

all that broken masonry.


wO rd s and fo to  T o mm y Ca rrol l

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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Lump in my throat

This is about the guy who groomed me so language feedback would be 'really appreciated:)



In the sauna

I was an open wound.

My skin was anger:

sore and raw and 

so self-conscious-

always naked.

I'd be feverish,


and shaking.

The constant craving for salt,

was provoked by me,

so it was 'all my fault'

he was so thirsty.

He'd tear me apart...

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Also by Sophie:

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groomingSexual abuse



think you're the only one
it isn't true
know you hurt
been hurt too
every one of us
have things we go through
on the edge
hammer to a sledge
dig deep
when the climb is steep
may be frightened to the bone
but you're not alone
can honestly say
i've faced dark days
some strife in your life
ahead are better times
keep up the fight
soon see the light
gotta purge the mad

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

The Madness of Prime Minister Johnson

So anyway folks, to get back to luck 

and where we were before being abruptly

interrupted by the consensus of opinion.

Let’s discuss the resolution of how we 

live and die, the constitution of the masons.


My opinion is to continue the culling,

take what was never rightfully ours. 

The only argument is when to slaughter. 

But let’s back to luck and the masons, 

and i...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

As if Dancing to Basie (after Phil Burdett) | On a Bench at St Osyth’s Bay |

The Printer


The computer sends

it pulse to the printer

which waits and waits

and then finally wakes up

then jerks and rolls its workings

and finally prints

the white page like a tongue

sticking out in defiance


the page given up reluctantly it seems

the printer was probably sleeping

and needed a nudge

a shot of electricity

to stir it from its hibernation

it pref...

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Pot of Gold

entry picture

The ends of rainbows do exist. I know for I have seen one. 

Faintly through the coluds. Across the water, alighting on a small mass of land.

Isleboro, in The Penobscot Bay. One of many gems off the coast of Maine. 

I stopped for a moment, snapped a picture. 

I did not have time to chase after it that day, but I know where to go to find it again.



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you ask too much 

from your nap


that you will be transformed

and the world will be different


yet there you are with your 

faculties intact as if you 


could pretend to enthuse

on what’s profoundly stupid

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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Mary had a little watch

she swallowed it one day

now she's taking castor oil

to pass the time away

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Also by ray pool:


Another One of Those Bleeding Nursery Rhymes

Little Miss Muffet......


......oh fuck it!

Life's too short.

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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Shake On It


There is yet much to see
within the darkness of a tomb,
so much to discover between two atoms.
An awesome universe of consciousness
separates you and I. Discussion continues;
argument, but not agreement.
Fantastic discoveries, proofs, but no agreement.
Insights, epiphanies, revelations. No agreement.
We, not blind to the crisis, see far 
when we close our eyes, imagine
fine times of...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Baa baa Black Sheep (a different rhyme)

'Hiya Black Sheep

have you any stuff?'

'Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three packets are enough?'

One for your girlfriend

one to make you hum

and one for the toy boy

who's sleeping with your Mum!'



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Also by Jennifer Malden:

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Skating around the jagged edge

I think I'm hoping I'll fall in

It's just subconscious, I tell myself

It's just my silly psychosis screaming 

I'll never be satisfied being myself

If I want to be am I? 

Can I simply choose my life 

What in this world makes me so fallen

Failing to pursue the visions in my mind

Two in the morning and I was just twelve

Dressing and fantasi...

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In my head again

you know how it go(freeform)

pull out thre trigger u know how it go 

call up lil leek cuz he still got that 4

when I'm down bad I do not got nopbody

release all my problems when I drink this bottle 

still fucking hoes man I just fucked this model 

nobody know about all of my problems 

call up tequila u know she gon solve it 

I wanna stop drinking but I got nobody 

I try to reach out but they always dec...

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Also by Dontaves Wiggs:


2019addictionalcoholalcoholicaloneangerdepressiondrug abusehatelonelynesslovepainparentspoetryregretSelf-doubtsubstance abusesuicide

The roses of Al-Andalus

“Commune with your own heart on your bed and be still.” 
― Maimonides Moses 1135-1204


The splashes of red, the heady bloom,

The opulent smell, patchouli oil, lingering.

In a marbled room: a certain slant of light,

Reveals these Andalusian roses creeping

Along the fence between Mudejar and Christian.

Between Morisco and Jew,

Between my lover and I,

Between me and you.


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Also by John E Marks:

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Norma Jean

First day of June in twenty six

Blonde bombshell born

will star in many flicks

Childhood spent in foster care

but stood out from the crowd

especially her hair,

her beauty and so much so

she was popular with the guys

who all wanted to know

who she was, where was she from?

Where did she tarry?

At sixteen though

she went and got married


Oh Norma Jean your s...

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Also by Rick Varden:

When did I sign up? (A Carers lament) | Insomnia | Who is this please? |

Victim or criminal

Why she stepped out in dark?
Why she trusted him?
Why she wore provocative short dress?
Why she giggled at him?
Why is she loud?
Why she glanced at him?
Why she made her first move?
Why she can't be like others? 
Why she need justice now?
Why can't she forget and forgive?
Why she is breathing now?
Why she don't care of her loved ones?
Why she can't be silenced now?
Why she is un...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

It's all right | Little girl's dream |

Rain rain... Nursery Rhyme

Rain rain go away.. 
Can't u ever wash the stain.. 
Hurts and trauma had much to play.. 
Rain rain go away.. 

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Also by mona s:

Oblivious | Haiku - True Self | The Bars | Across the shores |

understanding values

Lost in her mind of somewhere other than here,

she was there

collecting into a rusted supermarket trolley, lots of somethings.


Had I not asked her what these somethings meant to her

her eyes wouldn't have sparkled into life.


Treasure! she replied.


Within the puzzlement of, an inward thought, I asked myself 


is treasure!?


She opened the palm of he...

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head shot/s? | buildings and things | time-wise | such as ethnic cleansing's | what would we do without dads | who un-cares wins? | luck pusher | Trump card | Arousal's | Country boy down the 'smoke' |

Ode to the Free World & its Leaders

                                                         Ode to the Free World


                                                                Its Leaders


They fight wars thousands of miles from their shores

and expect us to willingly applause

They have great wealth but need allies

with begging bowls ...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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Over the Hills and Far Away

One man went to mow his meadow

But when he got there he found

A machine had been and cut it clean

So instead of scything he sat down

And sighed for rabbit pie

Made from conies caught in the hedgerows

Hedgerows as old as the old ways

Which wend over hills and dales

Where little boy blue asleep in the hay

Was dreaming of metal monsters

That ate up little boys ...

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Also by afishamongmany:

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hayhedgerowslittle boy bluemeadows


Moving through life one thing features,

Simply that we're complex creatures.

What we are can be confusing

And subject to continual musing.

You'll hear it said again and again

That we are all things to all men.

Our lives are assorted books on their shelves..

If not true to each other, let's be true to ourselves.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Love on the Beach

entry picture

Love OnThe Beach


Fingers feeling sun-soaked skin

Tingling under tentative touches

We celebrate our closeness.


Side by side we sit stroking

Forearms first,

Watching seabirds wheel,

Dive and dance in sea breezes

As your fingers dance over my skin.


Our eyes hover on the horizon,

We skim the sea of sensuality,

So close now our scents are tinged with salt...

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Deceptive Beauty

entry picture


Bank epitome of radiant 
Street symmetrical of it's time
Dainty talk of town
Bread of homo sapiens dream

Pulchritude made and ends in it
Zero competition before any
With the invitation smile,
Structure tempts any it come across
Zero zero hours the favorite

TV for the public,
Root parts for those that can reach
Hind quarters, visa free
At 30th, it looks 16th
A companion to nat...

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Over a decade has passed, yet at times it feels as if it has hardly been a day

My body follows the passage of time while a piece of my mind remains frozen in that moment

The scars have faded, yet I still see them shine as bright as the day he carved the reminder upon my flesh

Written in a language only my eyes could distinguish

A lifetime has been lived, yet I still return to that litt...

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Hiding Love

Taking a step back,

It's too soon,

But only time will tell,

For now I will say I like you.


But today,

You make me smile,

You make me stronger,

You make me better.


In the mist of it all,

I need to take time,

I need to heal,

But for you I would take a risk.


I know you are my strength,

You are my weakness,

You keep me safe when I fall,

You a...

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Also by Samantha Howard:

Clarity |



I rung to ask if you are okay

but really

I wanted you to know that I am not

you tell me you are doing fine, then say you trust I am

but really

you want me to lie to you, to say all is forgiven

yes, I can read between your lines

but really

I pretend I believe you, and I say goodbye

I sit still, holding the phone and wondering

what went wrong

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Also by Eiren Water:

time zones | I'm a cliché (mused) | so many ifs (mused) | easy | perfect | what's left | I wonder | addicts lie | outside | maybe mayhem |


Dreaming on......

if clever and or more poetical words

were pre-printed in my mind

placed in an ever so convenient metaphorical box

like wrapped gifts from the gods

which advertised on the lid-


then in choosing, I could take each one as if picking flowers

unwrap their individual original qualities

and make the perfect daisy chains of poetry,

each line true to the scale...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

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'Together' - Children's Poetry Exhibition, Marsden Mechanics

Please come along to our PREVIEW EVENING next THURSDAY 4th JULY 6.30 - 8.30 pm and help us celebrate the work of Marsden the Poetry Village, our local school children and their friends.  


Children’s Poetry Exhibition at the

Marsden Mechanics


Local children are learning to express themselves and to find their voice through art and poetry in school and in workshops organise...

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Also by Marsden the Poetry Village:

'Together' - Children's Poetry Competition |

The Power of Compatible Ignorance

entry picture

After the first date,
She asked if he knew of Gestalt.
He said he only knew tiny bits
But he felt his mind gave him
The whole picture.

He asked if she had read Hegel.
She insisted that she had not,
And they were both amazed
To have discovered such
Compatibility through
Chance encounters.

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Also by Randy Horton:

A New riddle of Induction |


The Mangled Lips - A Crime Thriller Plot

Mangled lips have been turning up all over London and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a pistol, and still nobody has a clue who the rude killer is.

Jazz Phi Koo is a smart and charming professor with a fondness for love. She doesn't know it yet but she is the only one who can stop the thoughtless killer.

When her lover, Phil kay, is kidnapped, Jazz ...

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Inspiration figée

Poupée de glace modelée par les regards 

Figurine de lumière 

Mais carcan de toile 

Fuite impossible 

Grâce piégée dans la création.  


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#création#dilemma#glace#grace#ice#Introspection#mannequin#model#New Blog Entry#poetry


entry picture




Tired eyes to look

 The Smile face floated

Colder wind touched body

Bird song lyrics

Spring climax

The directional bust started

Steady Lowering Light.

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Letter to April

Maybe I could slit my thigh
Pour the gasoline on it
How did I make it to 10 years without you
I'll let the flames burn the wound back together
Desperate words always come for desperate measures
But I've been living underground
For the world's the fraction of what I used to be

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Plastic Boy | just a song |

Lord, Lord, how this world is given to lying!

Falstaff: 'Henry IV, Part 1' act 5, sc. 4


There is a man

Who would be a king. This is such stuff

As past dreams would make his many morrows

That he, Princeling, may strut upon life's stage

As one with pride.


Yet this is a man

Who must know a past. That is the stage

As present nightmare on which he played so sad a part

That he, Pretender, needs now attend our co...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

The Estuary | Uchtryd's Summer Place |

BrexitConservativesgovernanceliesparty leaderPrime Ministerstrust

Alluring, When She Is Dressed Black!

She smiles and the breeze flows

She speaks the softest tone

Her charm is mesmerizing

Favorite among known unknown;

Personification of true love

She is a seed tenderly sown…

Cute, cuddling and precious,

She steps into my thoughts back to back,

Alluring, when she is dressed Black!


Whenever my eyes rapport,

I am not in my comfort zone.

Animosities on the rise,


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Also by ai ou:

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beautifulPraise poetrywoman

how not to fall in love

How not to fall in love


 A turntable by the slow river banks

Playing the banal music of the day

We were in love yet like in a dream

This was not real life

A bubble of illusion we loved each

Other deeply.

Towards morning it got chilly we

Walked home and parted with a kiss

That held no promise other than being

A kiss on tired lips.

The rivers up north freeze ove...

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Muffets And Spiders

(Sinister nursery rhyme challenge. Your turn...)


Crawling through the undergrowth,

On, "Tick tock," legs all spindle thin,

Eight in number, like it's eyes,

A spider came a'wandering.


Spying out a sleeping girl,

Resting on her tuffet, 

The spider had a dark desire,

To eat up a young Muffet.


Just like she'd munched on curds and whey,

He thought he'd munch...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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Be Strong, Have Faith, Don't Despair.

The importance of my purpose -

is it blown out of proportion?

For while such pride should be no curse

it might lead to some distortion


of how I see my rôle in this -

what I've a right to claim for me

and whether wanting more's remiss -

but should I accept what I see


or am I right to want my dreams?

Nothing's written: no-one's constrained

to mine safe, prescr...

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Also by Richie Muster:

Paramatical Mathedox | A Cornucopia Of Haikus | 7-Up: Cleanliness Is Next To Impossible | The Whole Hog | Leave Or Remain, It's All The Same | If Poems Were Paintings (A Scabrous Fantasy, Written After Watching J. Koons at Work On BBC4) |


Let the anticipation build Let the angst grow inside your gut Allow it to rumble and tumble and wreck havoc on your insides Feel the magnetic pull when we lock eyes a little bit too long and struggle to break away Watch me watching you while trying to hide your prying eyes Don't you dare rush a thing

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Hot July ’75 days left a sky’s breadth lethargy                                                                      

over the living world, where a breath of cool air,

a trickle of cold water, a draught of cold beer

were our day-to-day deities – all else

one weary step to another, even birds hushed, it seemed,

weather-wise, shaded in silent woods,

life it...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


The Weight

Bottled emotions are heavy, 

the weight can keep your mind unsteady.


you stand the chance of tipping over.

Indeed so, 

those emotions will spell over,

expelling another

load off your shoulders,

and peace of mind

your soul will soon discover. 

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Also by DeVaughn:

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Ring Around The Poison Ivy

entry picture

Ring around the daffodil 

All the gods have fallen ill

One by one

The forts burned down!


Ring around the asphodel 

Cheaters do not kiss and tell

Wrinkle, Wrinkle

Stars no longer shine and twinkle!


Ring around the daisy

Standards growing hazy

Foul Words, Foul Words

Hearts break too!


Ring around the poison ivy

Sip "The Lie" from Monday to Friday


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Also by Mae Foreman:

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nursery rhyme

How To Be Alone

Waiting for a friend
sipping tea, sunglasses on
passers-by double and disappear
as reflections in shop windows
everything lit golden
then dimmed behind my lenses
I stir the drink some more

Waiting for a friend
they’re half an hour late now
I barely notice
just watch the people
let my mind wander
the liquid turning in the cup

And it hits me, squarely, there
on the corner by the cr...

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Also by Tom Alexander:

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Sweet meat

A quick Haiku that I wrote in reply to a radio dj's tweet, just for fun 


No puedo pensar

Crema Catalana

A cake ate my brain

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Father's Day |

my mummy

I'm gonna talk about a woman who I can only describe as my world my universe
my brightest light ..my tonic ..my backbone my nurse
even in black she has more colours than a rainbow
brighter than the moonlight the sunshine she makes the rain go
when I'm told that I'm magic and I'm gifted
it's coz of her though keeps me uplifted
iv been so low
but never solo
she is the light that attracts lig...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

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guardian angelMothersDaymum

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