Funny, Funny

Funny, funny! How funny, so very funny that it makes me sick!

that the sheep's death-rattle should go down in history as "vicious roar"

that the Mame that's to blame keeps mum while her blood is being sucked by The Tick

that the wrongdoer has a carte blanche to laugh and jump and skip and soar!

Isn't it funny? How funny, so funny, very funny, funny; don't you find? The deceit!

That the wolves hide their big grin under a thick milk moustache and feign whimper and bleat.

It's a travesty, an abomination, a pity, a shame and a crime against humanity;

Wreak havoc and lie and cheat and then yield and plead insanity.

Funny, funny, how funny, so very funny, it makes me sad

That the sane should suffer the tyrrany of mad kings

Easy words, simply words, black, white, good, bad

In a world that's tied up and ever run by dirty strings-

-who am I to deliver justice?

Just a fool laughing at all this.

Oh, the comicality of things...



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Mae Foreman

Fri 21st Jun 2019 16:47

Thank you Dylan for taking the time to read and comment! I'm glad you got my point!
Thank you?

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Fri 21st Jun 2019 14:32

The laughter echoes through this one a in a cynical, testing way... No shades of gray in this poem... Very much to the the facts of this bleak matter... Oh what the fools have to jump and grin with.... Blood is a precious thing... Always hate to see it siphoned away by the greed of authority... Engagingly-written... Loved the over-use of mocking laughs... Drove it home for me... Favorite was the (non)color associations with the starkness of choice we have...

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Mae Foreman

Thu 20th Jun 2019 21:56

Yes, I can be intense at times I won't deny it! I'm glad you think my passion is poetically expressed!
Thanks Fish?

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Thu 20th Jun 2019 21:10

Ah Mae -Passion, Passion, poetically expressed. ><>

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Mae Foreman

Wed 19th Jun 2019 20:50

What a nice review! I'm actually thinking of reciting it! I'll get to it when I'm done with exams!
Thank you Martin?

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Martin Elder

Wed 19th Jun 2019 20:43

Fabulous Mae. It has a wonderful rhythm that makes it bounce along with some uncompromising words to hit the reader between the eyes. This would certainly be a good poem to perform live.
Nice one

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Mae Foreman

Wed 19th Jun 2019 19:30

That comment rocked!
Thank you Jason???

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 19th Jun 2019 19:24

Yep and she's back! And still brilliant. Mae I absolutely love this. It's just got a beautiful, hard, cynical edge to it, like if you got a grown up to look through the looking glass and they came back and said, "Actually mate, all your sheep are wolves."

J. x

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