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Noa Pothoven

Sunday,9th June 2019


Oh, Noa Podhoven!

let God grant you safe heaven

we are saddened at your death

you breathed your last


it was your death wish

and you parished

and embraced willing death

what have we to do with our faith?


she couldn't bear

the shock with fear

she was dying

and refused to eat too


beautiful child dies before our eyes

we failed in our tries

who caused her turmoil?

we all failed to convince her


she suffered from anorexia

that was taking away your wish not to live

bring the death as near as possible

and make no struggle to life


how long this suffering will go on?

what have we given to women?

insult, shame, and dishonor

and force them humiliation with fear


Let the whole world weep

and keep

the resolve that this heinous crime shall stop

but not go on non-stop


Hasmukh Mehta

Http/// Hasmukh Amathalal


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