tick tok

My heart it beats fast such a rythem that can't be classed
As a heart tick tok tick tok tick tok 

MAY my magic be cast on your heart it will last... like a king from the past

My heart in another body ...when every body wore portrait pins instead of body art and tattoo a portrait that you...
Painted so blindly of me ..this you see what I see

In flight with the Eagle you soare you soare
The clouds are my home
Rained houses come home
Like the king that I am or was
Like the Queen that you once where.. I'm there I'm there break me down i'l take you there
 i'l take you back. .back
Like my spine you are mine not broken you are mine mine
She will never ..my heart did she break on that Soleom day my tiny vertebrae I won't cry for I then... and not now
Not Now
The orchestra plays the words that's she says and clever so clever like a heart beat she rhymes
Not in time .No time...man made unpaid and pitifully bleak her paluminary valve it survives
From the sharpest knives..they take lives ..she strives but falls
 no longer tall
She sinks she sinks she can't think

Call it nonsense but to me it is insence
The aroma it makes sense the atmosphere so intense
 she controls refuses to enroll as you can't teach a living soul
Just a soul a soul ..one brave soul
Gifted with words but the song goes unheard she hoards she fears ...scared of tears
Tears that never will
but she will never know
practice drill
a lake she could fill
 with the salted waters from her souls round windows
They r now holes
Black holes black holes
No colour no more she awaits she sleeps she is no more  but a heart that was once pure
 she is ash just ash
Tick tok...final tick tok  
No more..she is no more.

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