Snaffling Brexit Discontents

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Snaffling Brexit Discontents


Our State is encouraging business

To travel to your U of K

And snaffle those not pleased with Brexit

(To work here in sunshine each day)


To escape those dark, long drawn-out winters

Where sun only shines 10 till 3

Escape Brexit chaos, the pollies

Come down, see our pastures, be free


Of course there are many sides to a story

In Australia I'm so far away

To fully understand your Brexit chaos

And give a valid opinion anyway


Don Matthews June 2019


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Don Matthews

Mon 17th Jun 2019 00:20

Has Brian gone on holidays?
I haven't seen him round
He's gonna miss sweet Bridget
Edging into town

He's asked for edgy poetry
I've booked her in for Mon
Perfect brekkie viewing
My job is dusted, done

Come on you scary bugger
Don't hide away, be scared
She's nothing to be frightened of
Come out, show, be bared ?

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 16th Jun 2019 16:14

Each to his/her own. I for one find the prospect of ongoing heat too
wearisome to endure, being a child of rainy days and mist and the
blessing of occasional sun. Confucious says: "change is as good
as rest" - to which I add "frequent change is a tonic". I agree with DW about the cartoon you use for your blog. I'm smiling as I sign off.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Sun 16th Jun 2019 13:52

I love the graphic it says it all.
What a mess we are in - each side passionate for normality.


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Jason Bayliss

Sun 16th Jun 2019 10:21

I'd be on a plane in a heartbeat ?


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Don Matthews

Sun 16th Jun 2019 09:15


Bridget is getting excited about her up-and-coming WOL debut. I have booked her in for tomorrow, Monday's ,brekkie. Prime viewing with your porridge.

PS. She says hi sweetie....?

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