The power of giving

what is life without a fight
without rights
do we live to fight for our rights
when is it right to fight
to write about fighting for rights in this life
this short life
before you know it it's over
it's done
your day has gone
the only rights you got now are your last
last rights
they're flashing before you
visions of all that you seen and who saw you
your brothers your sisters your parents
they adore you
they went before You They struggled in battles
before you
they did it for you
and they let you know
did you understand it? no?
not until it was there time to go
time to let go
only then did you see
eyes wide open now
you're hoping now
youl be coping now
minus their presence
now just the essence
no physical presence
it's dull nothing to show
no one to show
you what way to go
this way that way ..right or left
how long left
no one knows
that's the point I'm making
give more than youre taking
we all need waking
open your eyes
don't let them fool u get wise
this life is a gift be free
what you can't change let be
explore the sea
hug a tree
these things are free
cry show tears
eliminate fears
these days are yours..your years
why you fighting the wrong fight
wasting energy
demolish with light ..the light you were given
so bright
you hold it tight
release it let go it won't run out
like time
enjoy your time ...spend time
don't rush..take your time
make love last
days go fast
live today like it's your last
you are a gift is for living
the secret of life is the Power of giving
The power of giving is living
peace xx



◄ 2019 New moon 17th june

God Blessable Bless ►


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