God Blessable Bless


Were are you now my love
My sorrow my pain
For love is pain
Sharper than blades
Explosive  bombs  distructive  grenades
A mix of all emotions
Heat from the sun waves of the oceans
Heart and soul bottled as potions
Nothing but a cork keeping them in
Oh fragile glass bottle oh cork screw of sin
Remain untouched no pressure applied
Unaggravated carefully  captured inside
To speak is to unscrew   irreversible True
To break open is to free
Not now am I ready for now I shall be
Just bee
To sting would mean death
Blessed for a breath
Honey is my living
Non for the taking all for the giving
No control  addicted my love  my drug
Foggy crazy time consuming
Day dreaming mutual assuming
Heathclif to me  romeo  decaprio
Can i rewrite the ending
The title I give me is tragedy mending
Jus thoughts I'm sending
All else is neglected you are my obsession
These words confession
For you have my heart
You have from the start
For I am inside the bottle of glass
You see through me
See light through me
Dismissing my message
Now free me Love me unscrew me
Then screw me
Spell cast   back to the druids
Be cleansed in my fluids
Be high   highest tower
Magnetic power
Everlasting non repelling magnetic force
No need for force
Magic surrounds me oh winged horned horse
Long horn so empowered
Drench thee  enshowered
Unforgettable unmessable mess
Sacred God blessable bless
Combinable souls
Living up to thy roles
Fictional decete
Invisible pair
Invisible discrete
Worship thy feet
For you  more purpose than walk
Moistened lips more purpose than talk


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