They came as one in their big black shoes,

ties whose patterns like newsprint

told the big story.

It was time......

(now is always the time in their world).


Under their arms the black book

shone with the weight of lead

and lights shone in their heads

as they welcomed you to dark dramas

only they could begin to explain.




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trevor homer

Mon 24th Jun 2019 14:59

Ray - for one so unrelentingly unreligious, your work contains what I perceive to be a very questioning mind about what is real and what is not [The Visitation comes to mind]. You appear to explore what may or may not be on the other side of the veil. The fact you do this in an unpretentious way grounds your work in the here and now. It's a great way to write, and I would agree with Devon - why explain the inexplicable - leave that to the readers. Trevor

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Fri 21st Jun 2019 22:04

Hi Devon, and thanks for dropping in. I felt I had to explain this, but there is always a chance that some picture will emerge of the intended thoughts of a writer. It's nice when people take the trouble to follow through.

Lisa, thanks your welcome.

Well Rachel, how extraordinary that you attached that clip - I had knowledge of such a book, but not what it was called or its history. We see how the word "black" has that powerful connotation and indeed the Bible is quite to be taken seriously. The men I portrayed do that with each other which in itself can be counter productive.

David, perhaps it is so depressing that mystery has been taken hostage by those who would put a stamp on it . But who are we to bring down the whole edifice . I just feel you have to sniff these things out in people and draw your own conclusions.

If we equate black with fear there is a start.... I checked out the Dylan Thomas and bible black and other references to black do appear . I wonder if he was drawn to dark dramas himself?

Martin, many thanks for getting this and enjoying it. I had the first line in my head and it just seemed to come out after that!

Thanks to Des, Jon, afishamongmany and Do,RoThY for the likes.


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Martin Elder

Fri 21st Jun 2019 09:52

At first I have to confess to have been a bit flummoxed by this one until I read your explanation. My thoughts immediately turned to the same as David in Dylan Thomas's famous opening lines for under milk wood.
A cracking piece of poetry
Nice one


Fri 21st Jun 2019 06:34

The juxtaposition of light shone into "dark dramas" and the repetition of "black" as in "the black book" set my mind off on its own...

It's too early in the morning to consider the possibility of parallels, so I will stop there--quite a brooding scene, though ;


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Lisa C Bassignani

Thu 20th Jun 2019 21:38

I totally got it Ray. Good one..

Devon Brock

Thu 20th Jun 2019 21:30

I really enjoyed this poem Ray. I didn't at first understand the piece, but after I read your explanation, all that you present with your images makes perfect sense. It may not be for your taste, but it certainly is mine. One of those exquisite poems that forces me to do the heavy lifting. My only wish is that you weren't so forthcoming in your explanation. Nice work!

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Thu 20th Jun 2019 20:24

Thanks for your responses Afishamongmany and David. I ought to explain my thoughts as there is no centre otherwise. In my head was an American delegation of evangelists. There may be other similarities, but chiefly the nature of the message is simply that of the gospel , which in itself is to lots of us shrouded(excuse the pun) in myth and mystery. The sober appearance is of course important (cleanliness next to Godliness). Both your comments are very welcome and have caught the flavour I was after!

Not for my taste, though I did write it.


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Thu 20th Jun 2019 19:44

Interesting read Ray, enigmatic, dramatic. But who were they and what was the message?

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