In the twilight zone of the home

news has just arrived from Bellatrix

so I am told.

It says the tea was weak today.

Nobody could explain it away,

nor how the security locks could be disabled

by judicious use of medication and Aesop's Fables.


I saw the book on the communal shelf

next to the maxi remote control

which was used for communication I was told

to contact intelligent life somewhere

"out there!" he points with surprising calm

causing not inconsiderable alarm.


I speak of course of one I know well

who searched all his life for that magic spell

to lead him to the zenith of his lifelong search.


But just now he rises with silent intent

to leave the room,

heaven sent.




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Mon 24th Jun 2019 17:24

Thanks Jon Jason DO and Devon for likes.

Martin I quite appreciate this is tricky but yes it represents a relative who before dementia had a strange mind already. There are those who find it hard to distinguish between fact and fancy.
. In my hands that becomes a challenge,! appreciate your input thanks


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Martin Elder

Mon 24th Jun 2019 16:55

I have to confess at being slightly perplexed by this one Ray. This seems to speak of someone living in a home. Don't know whether that is right. Please forgive my lack of insight.
none the less I enjoyed the magnificent and judicious use of words
Nice one

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