She thought them childish

and once they were

as we rolled them along the carless gutters

of a yesteryear


and watched them clink and bounce

with skilled abandon

then pocket them.


Yes, I suppose that was childish

but the memory is clear

and now again I see them

all bubbling up at me:


languid glass,



and tell her how can roll them in a willing palm

spill them on a sheet,

put out the light

let them dance you to sleep.


Like all good spheres

they will keep their promise

throughout the night.




Devon Brock

Tue 18th Jun 2019 23:31

Here in the States, beautiful clear shooters with different colored streaks inside, reminiscent of a cat's pupil.

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Tue 18th Jun 2019 23:15

Thanks for looking in Jennifer. So you were in that club too! An early introduction to beauty weren't they. Your place sounds fab! I think I kept mine in a drawstring bag, Do you remember the big milky ones with the streaks? I'm drooling!

Those cat's eyes were glass with rubber hoods Devon. Did you have those in the States? I think they've largely been replaced in the UK by other blinding little versions.


Devon Brock

Sun 16th Jun 2019 23:20

Makes me remember the cherished "cat's-eyes"

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jennifer Malden

Sun 16th Jun 2019 16:14

Loved this one yet again Ray! No carless gutters now. Although we were two girls we used to play with them too. I remember being fascinated by all the different kinds and colours. My kids used to do so as well, and had huge bags of them clinking about.


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