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you know how it go(freeform)

pull out thre trigger u know how it go 

call up lil leek cuz he still got that 4

when I'm down bad I do not got nopbody

release all my problems when I drink this bottle 

still fucking hoes man I just fucked this model 

nobody know about all of my problems 

call up tequila u know she gon solve it 

I wanna stop drinking but I got nobody 

I try to reach out but they always decline me 

they tell me they love me but they never stick by me

I go to the store and ciroc say just buy me

still clutching heatas and smoking monifa 

unc itching hard he just want him some reefa

I  be so fucked up I cant trust no peoples 

they left me when it was hard so no I don't need em 

shit fucked me up when lil tay used them needles 

goin thru some shit I just need my people 

my bitch b looking at me like we aint equal 

how could I blame ha like my ma den leave me 

grew up by myself man this shit wan easy

making shit worst all my ma did was tease me 

my first momma left and my second ma teased me 

my daddy den love me all he did was beat me 

my birthdaddy got out of prison to see me 

fwhats fucked up about it now he wanna kill me

I just wanna go and get me some money

drinking to much and its more than I can stomach 

when griffo got shot I almost just vomited 

drinking so much man I'm starting to vomit 

gotta use bleach to go kill all this pain

going thru shit man this shit is no game 

taking percoet to kjill al my pain

I done seen so much that will make u go insanse 

u done read all my pain so why am I still in the rain

painlovehateparentsSelf-doubtaddictionalcoholalcoholicsubstance abusealonedepressionpoetry2019drug abuselonelynessangerregretsuicide

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