Hell In a Handcart

Let's travel to Hell in a handcart,

Come on, we're already half way there,

If you want, wring your hands and pretend to care,

But let's not pretend that it's true despair,

So let's travel to Hell in a handcart.


Let's travel to Hell in a handcart,

You know that it's where we all want to go,

Wouldn't be this way if it wasn't so,

Saying yes to this mess and never say no,

So let's travel to Hell in a handcart.


Let's travel to Hell in a handcart,

Let's burn all this beauty, let's smash what we can,

Let's worship the glorious wisdom of Man,

Punch a hole in the sky and get a suntan,

Let's travel to Hell in a handcart.


Let's travel to Hell in a handcart,

Let's revel in our greatest distinction,

Proud authors of the sixth mass extinction,

Let us ravage this world as a rabid affliction,

Let's travel to Hell in a handcart.


Let us travel to Hell in a handcart,

In one final, naked, orgasmic eruption,

Let us eat it all up, let us worship consumption,

Let us commit our souls to their greatest corruption,

Let us travel to Hell in a handcart.


Let us journey to Hell in a handcart,

It's implicit in every action we take,

To fall ever faster and not use the brake,

Light all the fires, tie ourselves to the stake,

That we wish to see Hell in a handcart.


And when we reach Hell in our handcart,

We can look back and watch the world as it's frying,

And can proudly state that there's no denying,

We fucked it all up without even trying,

To journey to Hell in a handcart.







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Don Matthews

Wed 26th Jun 2019 01:11

I'm counting on liftance to Heaven
Before planet grinds to a halt
I'm sorry to have to (next line) say this
Politicians it's your bloody fault.....

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Jason Bayliss

Tue 25th Jun 2019 18:17

Thanks Fish, Don and Jennifer. Yeah, sadly I still get the occasional bout of insomnia Jennifer, so although I submitted at 6am, I was actually up at about 4.30, it's a proper pain but luckily I suffer less with it these days 😁. And yes you're right Don, most leaders won't aknowledge it, although they'll have to now, just heard very high up representative of the UN on the radio say we're heading for disaster, starvation and severe migration from certain regions of the planet, (mainly equatorial) in the next few years unless all governments act globally, which in his words, they won't. So I don't blame you Fish, for not wanting to come but I don't think any of us are going to get the choice mate 😬.

J. x

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Tue 25th Jun 2019 17:03

Well written Jason, the rhythm makes the ride - repeating rhymes can kill a poem but you got it good.
Thanks for the invitation but I've got another destination. ><>

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Don Matthews

Tue 25th Jun 2019 10:23

Traveling to Hell in a handcart
Let's all shout hip hip hip hooray
The planet's going down the plughole to extinction
And no-one gives a hoot anyway

The leaders we rely on seem weak-kneed
Not willing (or able) to act
Ignoring the problems around us
Problems which they need to crack.....

jennifer Malden

Tue 25th Jun 2019 08:46

This one - really frightening! None of our 'leaders' seem to care about the state of things - Trump even denies that environmental issues exist - we fill the seas up with plastic- threaten other nations and impose sanctions if they don't kowtow etc. etc. I can't keep up with your production, how do you manage to write at 6 in the morning!!!!! Obviously heartfelt.


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