Alluring, When She Is Dressed Black!

She smiles and the breeze flows

She speaks the softest tone

Her charm is mesmerizing

Favorite among known unknown;

Personification of true love

She is a seed tenderly sown…

Cute, cuddling and precious,

She steps into my thoughts back to back,

Alluring, when she is dressed Black!


Whenever my eyes rapport,

I am not in my comfort zone.

Animosities on the rise,

I cannot help my very own…

Albeit she transmits energy

I end up being a clown.

Swashbuckling her every gait,

I lose to her charm stack,

Alluring, when she is dressed Black!


Ideal she is, active and sport

Gorgeous but heartbreak prone,

Fascinates one and all,

I appreciate the way she has grown.

She weaves magic, a matter of trance

She stays shining and has since shone;

Her etiquettes are worth a look,

Jovial always, her aura does attack,

Alluring, when she is dressed Black!


She is a thrill, she is a revival

She is an intention curiously blown,

A bee hums around her most of the time

She is a Junoesque portrayal all alone.

Magnificence and munificence describe her,

She is actually the Philosopher’s Stone.

She ignites passions and does elate,

Elevate and then beautifully sack…

Alluring, when she is dressed Black!


Magnetism is her weapon, so is her smile

Hazel eyes entice and they dethrone,

Glamour is her nature and she inflicts

Her aroma washes you in a cyclone.

She laughs like a cosmic happiness

Romancing her will be like a milestone.

Voluptuous she is and that’s graceful about her

How to twist situations she has that knack;

Alluring, when she is dressed Black!

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 27th Jun 2019 19:44

Really, really like this. It has the rhythm of a song and lyrics to die for. Absolutely brilliant!

J. x

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