Mind in a Cage

Gazing from my window

In the tenderness of Spring

I feel like a seed in soil

Gathering vitality from the dark Earth

Pulsing upward for Sunlight.

And I know I am blessed with re-growth

My whole self open to new vistas.


And then a 'vista' surges up – unwanted.

An intrusion on the lyric moment.

But my thought has triggered it

And I must consider it.

And then, I 'have to write'.

That's how it works sometimes.




It is easy to understand

How religious thought develops, isn't it?

METAPHOR - human imagination!

So many twists on the same idea -

Pursued diversely to the same goal.

Our human minds bind us more closely

Than our bodies.

How could any human being

Claim superiority over another!

Except one with 'a mind in a cage'?


And worse - 'a common mind in a cage'!

A race or civilisation taught through millennium:

'We are the ultimate humans!'

What an unjustifiable IDEA!

But this idea exists, singly and collectively.

People groomed in cages grow as directed

Immune to invisible bars, unaware.


Are you really sure how 'free' you are

From racial indoctrination?

Perhaps you may connect more strongly

With the idea of 'puppets'!

It's basically the same principle.

Are you controlled by the 'master puppeteers'

On invisible strings

That you have never challenged?

Engulfed in the horde – helpless?


Be brave.

Your mind is your own.

Use it.

Cynthia Buell Thomas, 2018

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 20th Jun 2019 13:18

Thank you for your comments. I did receive three emails directly to my personal address, but I have not opened them. I never open any messages except those that come directly from the umbrella organization of WRITEOUTLOUD.

I'm certainly curious, of course, but not so much that I sidestep WOL protection.

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Martin Elder

Wed 19th Jun 2019 21:29

Not in the least Cynthia. I love the way that you start off so gently in the first verse and then suddenly change gear and become more thrusting and forthright.
great poem
Nice one


Wed 19th Jun 2019 09:40

Too bold? I don't think so...

I watched the better part of a documentary late last evening that brought up a similar idea--that there can exist a tyranny of thought in minds that refuse to be challenged.

When I heard it, I said, "A HAH!" and "of course"...

Be bold )


Devon Brock

Tue 18th Jun 2019 21:24

Absolutely not too bold. Speaking truth is never too bold.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 18th Jun 2019 20:39

Am I too bold?

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